2021 Casio G-Shock GM-2100 Metal CasiOak

by Sameera Gamage

The ever-popular G-Shock GA-2100 (CasiOak) has received a fresh new update, one that is sure to be an instant hit. Recently, Casio has been putting out different coloured variations of the GA-2100 to keep the hype of the model going, with this working quite well as some of the variations being quite eye-catching.

GM-2100-1A – Black Dial

Now, Casio has released the GA-2100 model with a touch of metal. These new models have been renamed to be part of the GM series as GM-2100, with variations for different coloured models. The GM-2100 models come with all the features of the original GA-2100 series, but now with a metal bezel. Unlike the watch rubber bands on the GA-2100 model, the GM-2100 comes with a resign band with a grid-like texture, in different colours to sometimes match the model’s dial colour. 

GM-2100N-2A – Navy Blue Dial

The GM-2100 models will measure at 49.3 x 44.4 x 11.8 millimetres and weigh roughly 72 grams. As mentioned earlier, the features will be the same as the GA-2100 model, which includes 200-meter water resistance, shock resistance, world time, stopwatch, countdown timer, 5 daily alarms, hourly time signal, 12/24 hour format, hand shift function, auto-calender, button tone on/off and the double LED light. The battery life of the GM-2100 models is expected to be around 3 years. 

GM-2100B-3A – Green Dial

Personally, these new models are certainly a fresh change on the existing GA-2100 series. The initial colours offered for this metal “CasioOak” are certainly appealing as well, with the choice of silver dial black band (GM-2100-1A), grey IP bezel, blue dial and black band (GM-2100N-2A), black IP bezel, green dial, and green band (GM-2100B-3A), and lastly the black IP bezel, red dial and black band (GM-2100B-4A). Our personal favourite among these four models has to be the silver dial, as it just seems like a natural fit with the silver bezel.

GM-2100-1A – Black Dial

Expect these models to be selling fast once they hit Australian shores. A metal-covered “CasioOak” model was only going to be a question of when, not if, and it seems like we will be getting it sooner than we thought. 

GM-2100B-4A – Red Dial

Australian Retail Pricing: TBA

Availability: August 2021

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