Hublot Enters The Digital World With the New Unico Experience

by Mario C

Have you ever looked at Hublot and thought, “What is going on inside their head?” Thankfully, Hublot’s collectors could finally answer that question from the comfort of their mobile or computer.

Since its inception in 1980, Hublot has had a reputation for pushing boundaries, consistently positioning itself at the forefront of horological innovation. Whether it be creating the first luxury sports, watch with a rubber strap, concocting incredible new materials like Magic Gold (read the article here!), making watches out of coffee (read the article here!), Hublot’s creativity knows no bounds.

 In their latest venture, the LVMH brand decided to leave the physical world and enter the digital with the Unico Experience. From May 14 to 18, Hublot enthusiasts, collectors and esteemed guests could immerse themselves in a captivating digital environment, either from their computer or mobile phone.

Users are able to customise their own Unico model!

In it, they could admire the art of manufacturing Hublot timepieces featuring the premium HUB1280 in-house movement. They would be accompanied by a virtual watchmaker—or, in some instances, a real one—who would explain, engage, and share with the guest the expertise and finesse needed to craft one of these horological marvels. 

Adding to the immersion was a fully rendered 3D model of the Unico chronograph in question. This was lovingly crafted into the digital world through Unreal Engine and MetaHuman technologies, courtesy of Hublot’s ongoing partnership with Epic Games.

Personalised engraving detail

This rendering enabled guests to grasp exactly how a Unico chronograph is operated and assembled. However, it also permitted them to customise a Unico of their own—from case and bezel materials to dial colours and strap options, each Unico would become unique at the user’s behest. The user could also engrave the watch with an initial, name, or date.

While I couldn’t access it myself – the Experience only allowed for 20 people at a time – it demonstrates how fearless Hublot is as a brand. Taking an anachronistic accessory into the future is a bold move, but it also means being able to approach and appreciate the Unico chronograph in a way that has never been seen before. I look forward to seeing what else the future brings between Epic Games and Hublot, and you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll do my best to be the first in line next time!

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