Hublot Big Bang Integral Tourbillon High Jewellery

by Chamath Gamage
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If you are after a watch that screams out “I’ve made it” or “I just love bling” then look no further than Hublot’s Big Bang Integral Tourbillon High Jewellery. In all honesty, however, this piece is a technical work of art. Not like other blinged-up pieces where diamonds are thrown at the bezel and dial to spice it up, the Big Bang Integral Tourbillon High Jewellery is a skeletonized timepiece where almost every front face part of the watch is filled with baguette-cut diamonds. 

The story behind this special piece is that since the brand’s One Million $ model back in 2007, Hublot has created a unique piece of High Jewellery every year since then that equals to exceeding one million dollars. Every year Hublot would look to one of their iconic watches and turn it into a luxury masterpiece. The brand would endeavour into some of the most spectacular setting techniques, which would often result in world firsts as they overcome some serious technical challenges that haven’t been attempted before. 


Released last year, Hublot chose their Big Bang Integral Tourbillon to be the 2021 edition of their diamond-filled watch. The key elements of the Big Bang Integral Tourbillon are that it has a bracelet that is integrated into the case, a skeletonised dial, and a tourbillon movement at 6 o’clock position. Upon its release, this model was an instant favourite thanks to its one-piece architecture along with the watch’s visual balance and appeal. 

The Big Bang Integral Tourbillon High Jewellery is made up of 484 baguette-cut diamonds. The three-mesh integrated bracelet has itself 20.5 carats of diamonds alone (304 baguette-cut diamonds). The 43mm 18k White gold polished case has been set with 102 baguette-cut diamonds which total 5.4 cts. The bezel has a total of 48 baguette-cut diamonds which add up to 4.0 cts. Although the dial is skeletonised, Hublot has managed to sneak some diamonds into there too. The outer strips of the dial from 2-5 o’clock and 7-11 o’clock feature 30 baguette-cut diamonds for a total of 1.0 cts. 


Hublot has used their in-house HUB6035 movement for the Big Bang Integral Tourbillon. This movement is quite amazing indeed, with Hublot removing much of the movement as possible to make it seem like the remaining components are just levitating. The main feature, the tourbillon has some audacious features such as automatic rewinding, a micro-rotor that’s visible from the front, and three transparent sapphire bridges. 

Ricardo Guadalupe, Hublot CEO, summed up this luxurious statement piece quite well by saying “the Big Bang Integral Tourbillon High Jewellery is our 30th unique piece of High Jewellery. Our primary goal: to surpass all our limits, to challenge ourselves to go beyond our initial expertise of watchmaking, and to achieve the exceptional with watches that are entirely set with precious stones and smash all the records in terms of working hours, the number of carats, the combination of types of setting, and selling point. In so doing, our watchmaking know-how—in terms of mechanisms and complications—and our identity—the fusion of materials—remain essential. 

Hundreds of hours are spent on preparation—from the design, with regard to setting the precious stones, to searching for and cutting the stones, and to the setting itself—because setting a watch like the Big Bang Integral Tourbillon High Jewellery is a truly technical and aesthetic achievement. We never give in to doubt because we like to make the impossible possible.” 

Reference : 455.WX.9000.WX.9904

International Pricing: 650,000.00 CHF / 685,000.00 USD

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