Zenith Dreamhers – Chapter 2

by Chamath Gamage
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Earlier this year, Zenith released the DEFY Midnight collection, which is a line dedicated to modern femininity and versatility. Along with this release,  Zenith decided to bring together visionary independent women who share the same values as the brand and live by Zenith’s “Time to Reach Your Star” philosophy. These women form part of what Zenith calls the Zenith Dreamhers. 

This Zenith Dreamhers movement started back in September this year, and now the brand is introducing six more inspirational women into the Dreamhers lineup. All these women have a different story to tell, come from different nationalities, different ages, and work in different industries. While they may seem different on the outside, on the inside, they all share the same common goal; going after their dreams and empowering other women along the way. So without further ado, let’s introduce the hardworking women that form the latest Dreamhers. 

Sheila Sim:

Sheila Sim

Sheila Sim is an acclaimed actress, accomplished model, successful businesswoman and a devoted mother all rolled into one. The Singaporean media personality Shelia still continues to act on the big screen and grace the catwalks. Sheila Sim has recently also graduated from Positive Psychology and has used this to create a new business venture “WonderandWellness”. WonderandWellness is all about helping others achieve wellness and personal growth. Through her experiences in business and modelling career, she is helping and mentoring others to be able to reach their own stars. Sheila states that “As someone whose career has evolved many times over the years, I wish to always be surprised by new horizons and endless possibilities. Life is full of surprises, and I will make sure that when the next door opens for me, I’ll be ready to receive them with open arms.”

Zenith Defy Midnight Blue dial – Ref 16.9200.670/01.MI001

Laura Noltemeyer:

Laura Noltemeyer

In 2014, this talented entrepreneur founded her company and lifestyle blog www.designdschungel.com while also working on her master thesis in architecture at the same time. The young german created this platform to share her passion for design, art, and fashion, but it quickly grew into an international brand of its own! This year, however, she took things a step further, by unveiling her German-made, vegan cosmetic brand BAYAGE BEAUTY. This brand was created using the many years of industry experience under her belt, while also having the highest expectations of the perfect cosmetic products. Laura Noltemeyer’s words of wisdom are “Be yourself and trust your heart. This will always lead you in the right direction and help to make your dreams come true.”

Zenith Defy Midnight Grey dial – Ref 16.9200.670/02.MI001

Kearen Pang:

Kearen Pang

Kearen Pang’s dreams began at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts where she saw herself one day leaving her mark on the world of theatre and cinema. This passion for acting is what made Kearen Pang become one of the brightest stars of Hong Kong Cinema. Her ambition was never questioned, as every role she took was accomplished, she aimed higher and higher. This is what led to Kearen today being an award-winning multimedia creator who has directed, written, and acted in theatrical productions and films. Kearen wants fellow women to fulfil their potential and states that “Time does not change for anyone, so enjoy and treasure every minute in life, because your dream can come true at any moment.”

Zenith Defy Midnight Grey dial – Ref 03.9200.670/02.MI001

Laetitia Guarino:

Laetitia Guarino

Laetitia Guarino worked hard to achieve her dream of being an aspiring model, to which she was crowned 2015’s Miss Switzerland. She then went on to complete her education in medicine and now works in general surgery. If it wasn’t obvious already, her passions are medicine and modelling. Laetitia now aspires to become a surgeon. She has also undertaken humanitarian roles for the Terre des Hommes, a Swiss charity where Laetitia has assisted children suffering from heart failure. In regards to her career path and the future, Laetitia says “I always wanted to become a doctor and commit myself to help others. I truly believe the key to success in life is being passionate, daring and getting involved. Through my humanitarian actions and my career in surgery, I work hard to inspire, do some good in this world and ultimately follow my dreams.”

Zenith Defy Midnight Blue dial – Ref 16.9200.670/01.MI001

Federica Segato:

Federica Segato

Federica Segato is a prime example of “reaching your star” at any age. Federica graduated from university and started her professional career, however, she soon felt lost and frustrated with the many obstacles she had to face in the business world as a young woman. In 2019, Federica created an online network that connects Italian professional women called “Career Leadhers”.  A year later the Career Leadhers network has over 30,000 women helping and supporting each other in the Business world. In regards to her affiliation with Zenith, Federica says that“ I am thrilled to take part in Zenith’s “DreamHers” campaign as I strongly feel we share the same mission. Both DreamHers and my company, Career Leadhers, celebrate women and support their uniqueness and ambition.” 

Zenith Defy Midnight Blue dial – Ref 16.9200.670/01.MI001

Amandine Chaignot:

Amandine Chaignot

Amandine Chaignot started by following and upholding her family tradition of studying and working in pharmacology. She performed the best in her classes and excelled all through university. But she knew in her heart that this was not where her destiny lies. She knew that she could only truly ever be happy chasing her dreams. Some of Amandine Chaignot’s fondest memories revolved around the dinner table. Without looking back, she took the leap and enrolled in the prestigious Ferrandi cooking school. With her passion for cooking being the main driver, Amandine found herself working at some of the finest establishments in no time. Soon, Amandine would find herself in the role of Executive Chef at Rosewood London, while also being a judge of the French version of MasterChef. 

Zenith Defy Midnight Mother-of-pearl dial – Ref 03.9200.670/03.MI001

After taking on these roles, Amandine decided to open her restaurant in Paris, Pouliche. Reflecting on her career and the path she chose, Amandine Chaignot says that “For the longest time, I thought that some things were out of reach, until I realized that I had built barriers myself. Since then, I dare, sometimes I stumble, but I move on and I never regret. The greatest gift you can give a young girl today is to teach her to believe in herself.”

All these Zenith Dreamhers share the common goal of sharing their passion and empowering other women to follow their own dreams and “reach their stars”. These women leave a mark on their respective fields and carve their destiny while paving the way for other women across the world. 

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