5 Best workout watches

by Lewis Butterfield
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If you live in the southern hemisphere, and the weather is starting to warm up. You may have recently discovered, like me, that perhaps you were a little sluggish on getting your summer body in time, and now you need to kick things in to overdrive. 

Or maybe you are heading into the cooler months and have the perfect excuse to start working on next summers masterpiece physique. Either way, I’m sure we could all do with being a little bit fitter and here at Watchadvice, we are happy to help you justify another watch in the watch box.

Here are our top picks for wristwatch workout companions.

The apple watch Series 6

Controversy right off the bat, bear with me though, there are an awful lot of reasons why the apple watch deserves a place on this list.

The latest iteration of the Apple watch, the series six, is again aimed squarely at the health conscious among us. The latest innovation being the watches ability to measure your blood oxygen levels, using an all new sensor in the back of the watch, Apple allows wearers to track how their bodies are absorbing oxygen in real time. 

Pair this with fantastic heart rate monitoring, sleep cycle tracking, and a new fitness focused application, fitness plus. The Apple watch series six is offering an awful lot of modern health focused technology, on top of all the usual smart watch functionality.

With a starting RRP of $599 AUD, and available in a raft of case finishes and colourways, the Apple watch Series six is a great companion for your fitness journey.

Breitling endurance pro 

Marketed as a watch for every adventurer, the all new Breitling endurance pro is a watch truly fit for purpose. 

A lightweight quartz chronometer, the new watch is designed to be both a lightweight watch for athletes and a casual, everyday sports chronograph, the Endurance pro blends high precision and innovative technology with a vibrant design. 

The 44mm case is made using an ultra-light Breitlight case, a robust material 3 times lighter than titanium, and nearly 6 times lighter than stainless-steel. The watch is non-magnetic, thermally stable, and hypoallergenic, the new Breitlight case offers greater resistance to scratches, traction and corrosion. 

If you’re planning on getting fit, take a good look at the new Breitling endurance pro, for an RRP of $4,490 AUD it could find its way into your kit bag.

G-Shock G-Squad GBDH1000 series 

Absolute toughness. That is what G-Shock guarantees with their new GBDH1000 series of watches.

Designed for athletes going the extra mile, putting in the hard work and needing a watch that can keep up with them, every step of the way.

G-Shocks have long been the go-to wristwatches of hardcore athletes, here with the new series the brand ups the ante and adds a raft of new features. 

The watches pack in heart rate monitors, GPS, bearing, altitude/barometric pressure, and temperature sensors, and an accelerometer for step counting. Five sensors built into the watch help to keep you in close touch of your current activity in real time. The ability to receive GPS signals lets you access location information when you need it. This, when used in combination with the stopwatch, makes it possible for you to keep track of running information like distance, speed, pace, and more. 

Along with an enormous list of features, the G-Squad watches are also solar powered and have the ability to be charged via USB cable should the need arise. This may be the most feature packed G-shock yet, and all for an RRP of $599 AUD.

Tag Heuer connected

Another smartwatch, but this time from a large swiss brand in Tag Heuer. The luxury smartwatch market saw a bit of a shake up when Tag unveiled the redesign of their connected range. Now the piece looks and feels like a robotic Carrera of sorts. 

Sporting an elegant stainless-steel case, with classic Carrera style lugs and even real chronograph pushers, the Tag Heuer connected is a real luxury watch with the brains of a modern smartwatch. 

Using the touchscreen, pushers, and crown, wearers have access to a slew of applications, including an exclusive Tag Heuer sports application, which measures your performance, from running and cycling, to gold and fitness. 

The watch features, GPS, accelerometer, heart rate sensor and a compass to help keep you at the top of your game.

This evolution in luxury smartwatches can be purchased from $2,600 AUD. 

Breitling emergency

The final watch on our list might be the watch for the final frontier. The Breitling emergency made a name for itself decades ago, with the inclusion of a built-in emergency distress beacon.

If your ideal workout consists of, climbing mountains, hiking through deserted wilderness, or any form of dangerous solo activity in remote areas, you should strongly consider purchasing the Breitling emergency.

This monstrous 51mm multifunction electronic chronograph is defined by its built in, dual frequency transmitter, which launches alerts and guides homing and rescue operations. The watch features a revolutionary rechargeable battery, a miniaturized transmitter, and an integrated antenna system. The Breitling emergency is an indispensable safety and survival instrument for professionals and adventurers alike.

Piece of mind like no other can be had for an RRP of $20,440 AUD.

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