Seiko Australia Unveils the SEIKO BIRTH & REBIRTH Exhibition For The Brand’s 100-Year Anniversary

by Chamath Gamage

As part of the 100th Anniversary celebrations, Seiko Australia has introduced a Sydney exhibition showcasing the brand’s past, present and future!

Commemorating 100 years since the birth of the first official Seiko, a watch that bore “Seiko” on the dial for the first time, Seiko Australia has proudly announced the launch of the SEIKO BIRTH & REBIRTH exhibition. The very first pop-up exhibition from Seiko in Australia will provide visitors with an exclusive look into curated Seiko exhibitions and timepiece collections. The pop-up exhibition will be open to visitors for free from Friday, March 15th, 2024, to Sunday, March 24th, 2024.

Located at Shop 54, Mid City Centre,420 George Street, Sydney, the SEIKO BIRTH & REBIRTH exhibition invites visitors to delve into Seiko’s rich history, highlighting the brand’s evolution from its inception to its envisioned future. Outside the Seiko Exhibition, you are greeted with a large display of the Seiko birth model in 1924, the “1913 Laurel,” alongside its 2024 rendition.

What you can expect

Seiko Australia BIRTH & REBIRTH Exhibition – “BIRTH” Section

Upon entering the exhibition, you are presented with Seiko’s “BIRTH” section, an immersive experience of Seiko, and you are introduced to Seiko’s history, from its founding in 1881 to the present day. The “BIRTH” section offers a view into the Seiko Museum in Ginza, Tokyo, with the exhibition showcasing museum pieces flown all the way from the museum.

Visitors will also be treated to inspiring stories from Seiko’s history, marked by the many challenges the brand faced as well as the innovations throughout it’s history. This “BIRTH” section will show that despite overcoming the many different adversities, Seiko has always continued to innovate and move past the challenges, in line with the founder’s philosophy to be “Always one step ahead of the rest.”

Seiko Australia BIRTH & REBIRTH Exhibition – “REBIRTH” Section

After learning about Seiko and its history, you will then move on from the “BIRTH” section to the “REBIRTH” section, which is a Power Design Project. This project will show the visitors modern re-interpretions which signify the revival of iconic original Seiko designs. The Power Design Project is an experimental initiative shaping the future of Seiko. Once you have learnt more about the project, you get a chance to vote for which models you would like to see in production (as the ones shown are just prototype designs). So your voice matters on selecting the timepieces!

Seiko Australia BIRTH & REBIRTH Exhibition- Power Design Project

The exhibition will also highlight Seiko’s 2022 theme of REBIRTH. Seiko states that “eight Seiko designers have developed their ideas and expanded their imaginations from original Seiko watches and technologies that have emerged throughout their long history, channelling them into the REBIRTH of seven timepieces.”

The visitors will get the chance to meet two Seiko designers between Friday, 15th March 2024, to Sunday, 17th March 2024 (3 days). The designers, Natsuhiko Takahashi and Yuya Suganuma have been flown down from Japan as part of the Power Design Project and will be available to speak with visitors to discuss their design inspiration and also participate in FAQ sessions.

Seiko Australia BIRTH & REBIRTH Exhibition – Timer Challenge

The final part of this Seiko exhibition is the “SPORTS” section. This section presents Seiko’s historical stopwatches and a Seiko Sports Timer activation, showing Seiko’s commitment to excellence in sports timing. This is a legacy solidified by Seiko’s role as the official timekeeper at numerous international sports events since 1964.

One of these sports timing events was Usain Bolt’s 2009 world record 100m run in Berlin (which is yet to be broken). In this exhibition pop-up you get a chance to win a Seiko Sports timer if you manage to get 9:58 on the stop-watch. We tried and nearest we got was 9.59

There will be a few more activities you can do in this pop-up exhibition, however, we won’t spoil the fun for you! If you are available on the 15th-24th of March, head on over to Mid City Centre on George Street, Sydney, to see Australia’s first-ever Seiko exhibition, and take part in the fun activities and the decision-making process for some future Seiko timepieces!

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