Omega Unveils Its New Constellation Meteorite Collection With 4 Sizes To Choose From

by Matt Clymo

The iconic Constellation collection has received the Meteorite treatment with 20 models over 4 size variants to choose from.

Omega is a brand that needs no introduction due to the popularity of its pieces, namely the Seamaster and Speedmaster collections. However, the one collection that seems to be the poor sister is the Constellation collection. It is a more dressy piece and for the most part, with a wide range of smaller-sized models, is perfect for ladies who want a robust piece that has the Omega name and quality. Remember those Omega ads with Cindy Crawford?

The new 41mm Steel and black bezel Constellation Meteorite

Omega has given several of their size variants a facelift – now with meteorite dials across selected models in the 41mm, 29mm, 28mm, and 25mm ranges. Omega has created dials for five pieces in each size from the Muonionalusta meteorite – reportedly one of the oldest meteorites on earth which landed in Scandinavia over 1 million years ago. As a result of the cutting process and refining of the dials, it means that no piece will be the same, and each piece slightly unique.

A cross-section of the Muonionalusta meteorite. Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Omega treated the dials with differing colouring processes, such as PVD and galvanic treatments which work with the stone and metals found in lunar meteorites. This helps give each piece its own uniqueness and allows for Omega to craft the dial to suit the specified pieces. On offer are the following:

41mm Co-Axial Master Chronometer

In this size, Omega has included three stainless steel models with a black ceramic bezel, a blue dial stainless steel model with Titanium bezel, and a green dial with a green ceramic bezel. Each has its own unique characteristics and creates an understated dressier sports watch. In addition, a Moonshine Gold and a Sedna Gold model are available, with the meteorite having been given a PVD treatment in each version of the gold.

The green meteorite dial with green ceramic steel 41mm variant

29mm Co-Axial Master Chronometer

In the 29mm range, you again have 3 steel variants, 2 of which are two-tone, and 2 gold variants, all of which have diamond-set bezels and diamond hour markers on the dial. The 18K yellow gold model with a green dial is perhaps the most striking due to the contrasting colours.

Green dial and yellow gold make for a nice contrast a dress watch look

28mm Selection

The standout here is the stainless steel and 18K Sedna™ Gold version. The meteorite dial has been given an icy blue colour treatment and diamond hour markers, while a stamped Constellation Observatory medallion features on the caseback. Outside of this model, you have a similarly styled two-tone yellow gold with a green dial, a monochromatic steel version with grey meteorite dial and two full gold – one in yellow gold and one in Sedna Gold.

25mm Selection

In the 25mm range, you have several choices in steel and two-tone, plus two full gold models in both Sedna and Yellow Gold. The star here is the bi-colour model in stainless steel and 18K Sedna™ Gold with the meteorite dial given a lilac colour treatment, which we’ve pictured below. Along with a Constellation Observatory medallion on the caseback, diamonds have been used for the bezel and hour markers on this piece, which. gives this an added elegance for the wearer

Final Thoughts

The Constellation collection has always been on my radar, mainly due to the fact that I’ve often considered these as a great watch for any female buyer, collector or significant other. Whilst the men’s 41mm collection are nice, it’s the Ladies variants where the Constellation shines, and with a large range of every color and metal combination, there is literally something for everyone.

The meteorite dials add another string to the Constellation bow, giving people another touch of uniqueness in this range. And my feeling is, it’s another shot over the bow of Rolex saying we’re here to play too! The full gold pieces are visually stunning and the steel versions offer a value proposition for someone wanting that dressier piece without being too over the top.

References and Specifications

Normally we would list out the Reference number and specifications here, but as there are 20 models in this new range, it’s best to head to and view the full range with pricing on the site.

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