Grand Seiko launches the GS9 Club in Australia

by Chamath Gamage

Grand Seiko officially launched the GS9 Club in Australia and New Zealand on the 23rd of June, 2023. Grand Seiko collectors in Australia and New Zealand will be delighted with this news, as the GS9 is an exclusive club purely for collectors of the Japanese brand. 

The GS9 Club first originated in Japan and is a membership organisation specifically for watch enthusiasts who purchased a Grand Seiko timepiece from either a Grand Seiko Boutique, Salon or Mastershop. The GS9 Club, in return, offers members private access to special events, gifts and exclusive content. This club will be available for member access through a virtual environment and in-person events. 

Grand Seiko also wants to further educate customers and clients on the intricate details of their watchmaking, including the stunning craftsmanship that goes into each of the brand’s watches, the cutting-edge technology and the history and heritage of this Japanese brand. The GS9 Club will surely go a long way in achieving this, as watch aficionados will be able to connect more with the brand and its art of watchmaking. 

If you want to sign up for the GS9 Club, follow the link here.

Grand Seiko Australia Pink Flannel Flower Auction

Speaking of Grand Seiko’s art of watchmaking, the brand started an auction for their Australian Exclusive Limited Edition Timepiece SBGJ269 to raise money for the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife. 

Grand Seiko SBGJ269

This Grand Seiko model, SBGJ269, was inspired by the pink flannel flower (Actinotus forsythii). When the SBGJ269 was first released on October 2022, WatchAdvice had access to get a first look at the watch, which you can find the review here

Grand Seiko chose the pink flannel flower as a reference for this model because of how unique this flower is and the meaning that it carries with it. The pink flannel flower blooms under rainfall following a bushfire, bringing about new life and new colours to land that has been scorched by fires. It is a sign of rebirth and new beginnings and nature’s incredible ability to overcome adversity. 

The creation and auction of this timepiece is one of the reasons why Grand Seiko has partnered with the Foundation of National Parks & Wildlife to help support their “Healing our Land” projects. Australia has the world’s second-largest number of unique flora and fauna species, yet one of the highest rates of extinction in the world. Our native lands and species are endangered from disaster after disaster. And when we lose them, they are lost forever. The proceeds made from the auction of the Grand Seiko SBGJ269 will help with the long-term restoration of areas that floods and fires have destroyed. 

Grand Seiko released the SBGJ269 in a limited run of 50 models, with the 50th piece being auctioned off to help this great cause. Alongside the sale of this timepiece will be a one of king sketch by the designer of the Flannel Flower watch model, Mr Akira Yoshida. This auctioned timepiece will have a third strap option alongside the original stainless steel bracelet and grey leather strap. This third strap will be made to measure for the auction winner. 

A substantial two weeks for Grand Seiko in Australia, with the opening of the first GS9 Club in late June and now the auction to help the restoration of Australia’s landscapes. Grand Seiko is making it well known that its Australian client base forms an integral part of the brand, and we hope to see more timepieces dedicated to Australia and its natural beauty. 

If you would like to bid on the final timepiece of the SBGJ269 , visit the link here

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