Jaeger-Lecoultre – The Retrospective “Reverso: Timeless Stories Since 1931”.

by Chamath Gamage

Jaeger-Lecoultre is holding a special event this week in Sydney celebrating the Reverso model and its timeless stories since its creation in 1931. 90 years after the Reverso model was born, watch enthusiasts will be able to enjoy an immersive cultural experience. The Sydney boutique for the first time in Australia offers visitors the opportunity to explore the history of one of the most iconic timepieces for not just the brand but in watchmaking history. The retrospective “Reverso: Timeless Stories Since 1931” will be held from Thursday 10th of March to Saturday 12th of March 2022. 

One of the most recognisable watches in the world, the Reverso began its story on the polo fields of India. It was here that the unique idea of a case that could be flipped over was born. With a unique design combined with expert craftsmanship, the Reverso model was a hit upon its release and was quickly embraced by trendsetters. The “Reverso: Timeless Stories Since 1931” takes visitors on a journey through 90 years of creative and cultural history, which for viewing has been split into four themes; Story of an Icon, Story of Style & Design, Story of Craftsmanship, and lastly the Story of Innovation. 

Story of Icon

The Story of Icon shows Reverso’s origins, then from there on retells, all the milestone Reverso watches that have been created ever since. The retelling of this tale goes from the first 1931 model to the latest Reverso Tribute piece. 

Story of Style & Design

The Story of Style & Design follows the Art Deco roots of the Reverso timepiece. Following the principles of Art Deco design, the visitors will be shown how the iconic rectangular case came to creation from the original concept, and how the case could be flipped over as well. The viewing shows a selection of timepieces made for both men and women, and how over 90 years the design has changed and evolved to make it the modern icon it is today. 

Story of Craftsmanship

The Story of Craftsmanship follows the skills of various craftsmen that help bring the Reverso from a design to a piece of art. This story celebrates the roles of enamellers, gem-setters, engravers and guilloche masters to show how they have made the Reverso model into an artistic canvas for expression and personalised messages. 

Story of Innovation

The Story of Innovation follows Jaeger-Lecoultre’s quest for technological advancement and in particular the Reverso model’s role in this quest. It all starts with Rene-Alfred Chauvot and his ingenious idea to have a case that could be flipped over. This design was patented in 1931. The Story of Innovation then follows the introduction of high-watchmaking complications on the flippable watch case with complications such as the first rectangular minute repeater, a retrograde chronograph, the Gyrotourbillon, the double-face, and dual-time concept as well as the use of new materials. 

Visitors to the Sydney Boutique during this event will also be treated to a traditional decoration technique, in which they will be able to take part in learning how to do it. This technique, called the Perlage (circular graining) is a finishing technique that consists of juxtaposing small circles to embellish the movement’s main plate. The pressure exerted on the main plate while carrying out this technique can vary the final rendering of the pearls that are fitted, which is why it must be mastered.

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s “The Retrospective “Reverso: Timeless Stories Since 1931” is free to all visitors to participate in, with viewing sessions running every 30 minutes. There is no booking required and walk-ins to the boutique are accepted. However, if you wish to express interest and attendance at a particular time, this can be done through the boutique team at jaeger-lecoultre.sydney@kennedy.com.au or via (02) 9061 4520. If you are in Sydney, don’t miss out on this chance to view storytelling of watchmaking history with Jaeger-Lecoultre’s iconic Reverso. 

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