Hublot Big Bang One Click Marc Ferrero Released

by Chamath Gamage
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Hublot has decided to team up with Marc Ferrero for the Swiss brand’s second artistic collaboration. The master of Storytelling Art, Marc Ferrero brings his iconic work onto the dial of Big Bang One Click 39mm, to tell a story of two contrasts while paying tribute to the 21st-century woman. 

The Big Bang One Click Marc Ferrero comes in two colour variants; an essential white that is minimalistic in nature or an audacious black. The use of black and white for the watches is to represent the duality of day and night. To show us that night cannot exist without day, and that the two need each other to function. 

Reference 465.SX.2020.VR.1204.LIP20
Reference 465.CX.1120.VR.1204.LIP20

Marc Ferrero explains in his own words what the two contrasting colours mean to him, and their use on the new Big Bang One Click Marc Ferrero limited edition models. 

“I love the power of black and white. Shade and light. Yin and Yang. One is profound, unclassifiable, eternal. The other is subtle, ethereal, timeless. They symbolise antitheses and complementarity. Choosing black and white means getting straight to the point without an excess of tonalities. The black and white make ‘Lipstick’ even more graphic and its red lipstick —more magnetic.” – Marc Ferrero 

Further to the storytelling of direct contrasts, Marc Ferrero, through his symbolic work also conveys the message of a free woman on the dials of the timepieces. 

Reference 465.CX.1120.VR.1204.LIP20

The dial features the portrayal of a woman putting on lipstick, wearing big noticeable sunglasses. The hair of the female is made up of faces of other feminine figures, representing the multifaceted 21st-century woman. For the ceramic black and white version of the watch, these details are easily seen due to the contrasting effect of the black and white lacquered dial. The white steel version of the watch is a lot more subtle, as the white lacquered is engraved/imprinted with almost grey colour to showcase the image. Both versions of the watch feature the red lipstick on the woman, which being the only colour on the watch make it very prominent. 

Marc Ferrero’s message with the lipstick is that “underneath the large black glasses, ‘Lipstick’ is paying tribute to the woman of the 21st century. A heroine of modern times, multifaceted, assured and enigmatic. A woman who dares to do anything, directly, and without subterfuge.”

The steel white version of the watch comes with a 39mm satin-finished and polished stainless steel casing, which also has a polished stainless steel bezel featuring 42 diamonds for ~1.00ct. To match the dial, the steel white version comes with white calf leather and white rubber strap, designed by Marc Ferrero. The steel white is also available in white Alligator and white rubber strap with white stitching, and also a stainless steel bracelet with a deployment buckle clasp. The steel white version is limited to 100 pieces. 

Reference 465.CX.1120.VR.1204.LIP20

The contrasting ceramic black and white version feature a satin-finished and polished black ceramic 39mm casing. Identical to the steel white, the ceramic black and white model has a polished black plated ceramic bezel, which includes 42 diamonds for ~1.00ct. The ceramic black and white model also comes with a Marc Ferrero designed black and white calf leather and black rubber strap. Other strap options include the black Alligator and black rubber with black stitching or the stainless steel bracelet. Like the Steel white, the Ceramic Black and white is also limited to 100 pieces.  

Reference 465.CX.1120.VR.1204.LIP20

Both limited-edition models feature Hublot’s HUB1710 self-winding calibre movement. The HUB1710 movement gives out a power reserve of approximately 50 hours. Both models have a water resistance of roughly 10 bar (100m). On the case back of both limited edition models features the engravement “Limited Edition” “XXX/100”. 

Reference 465.SX.2020.VR.1204.LIP20

Hublot’s Big Bang One Click Marc Ferrero is not only a showcase to the power of black and white but also a tribute to the power of the modern woman. 

Hublot Big Bang One Click Marc Ferrero Presentation Box

Australian Pricing:

Reference 465.SX.2020.VR.1204.LIP20 (Steel White) – $25,600.00

Reference 465.CX.1120.VR.1204.LIP20 (Ceramic Black&White) – $27,000.00

Availability : 3rd Quarter of 2020

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