Omega X Swatch Unveils New Moon Phase Watch

by Sameera Gamage

A new lunar landing will be made for the Moonswatch, and we think this launch is sure to create quite the buzz!

It’s been two years since the Omega X Swatch collaboration introduced the Moonswatch. The collaboration created headlines not just because of the collaboration but also because of the immense interest from buyers, which produced massive queues at Swatch boutiques around the world.

Since the first 11 Moonswatch timepieces were introduced, the two brands have worked together to produce models that featured slight variations to the watch dial, mainly the chronograph seconds hand in different designs and colours. Unlike the initial release of the Moonswatch, these variations were received as quite underwhelming, with buyers expecting much more in terms of aesthetics than a simple variation to the seconds hand.

Omega X Swatch – Moon Phase Moonswatch

Now, however, it seems that Omega X Swatch has listened and has created a new bioceramic Moonswatch that will get the watch fanatics falling in love all over again. A new non-limited watch has been added to the current iconic Moonswatch collection.

“Houston, the Bioceramic MoonSwatch MISSION TO THE MOONPHASE has landed. A new model, all in white
to celebrate the full moon, has touched down on the moon smoothly, in the planned location and on schedule.”

Omega x Swatch

It’s safe to say that this new Mission to the Moonphase model has more than one simple design change. I dare say it could quite possibly be the most popular model in the collection. To renew interest in the Moonswatch, Omega and Swatch have given this model a full white makeover, with the hands, sub-dials, and markings throughout the timepiece all done in contrasting black. While there are only two colours in play, it creates for one beautiful-looking Moonswatch.

Omega X Swatch – Moon Phase Moonswatch velcro strap

The Moon Phase watch comes with the same Moonswatch dimensions and material design as per the existing models in the collection. The 42mm bioceramic case (13.75mm thick) also features a bioceramic crown and pushers. The watch is rated to a water depth of 30m (3 bar) and comes with Swatch’s chronograph quartz movement, which, however, has been slightly modified for this timepiece!

Omega X Swatch – Moon Phase Moonswatch dial details

While this is a new colour variation added to the Moonswatch line-up, the biggest technical and design change is the addition of Snoopy and the moon phase indicator at 2 o’clock. For those who may not know, the Snoopy comic character has a special place in NASA.

Omega X Swatch – Moon Phase Moonswatch close up dial details

It’s said that “Snoopy has been NASA’s mascot since the 1960s. In fact, the Silver Snoopy Award is the most prestigious honor the United States’ space agency awards to individuals and organizations for outstanding achievements related to human flight safety or mission success. This prestigious prize was awarded to OMEGA in 1970 for its role in the history of space exploration, including its essential contribution to bringing the crew of Apollo 13 back home safe and sound.”

Omega X Swatch – Moon Phase Moonswatch close up detail of the moon phase indicator

“In 1970, an exploding oxygen tank during the Apollo 13 mission placed the astronauts’ lives in danger. One of the many challenges the crew had to face was timing the 14-second launch time that would allow them to get back to Earth. Luckily, they had an OMEGA chronograph watch, the Speedmaster Moonwatch, to get the job done.

Not only that, but in May of 1969, the Apollo 10 mission, which was tasked with carrying out the initial sweep before an attempted moon landing, had to skim the surface of the moon and ‘snoop around’ to identify the Apollo 11 landing site. As a result, the lunar module was christened Snoopy. Ever since then, the Snoopy emblem is considered a lucky charm among astronauts.”

Omega X Swatch – Moon Phase Moonswatch hidden lume details!

Snoopy is artistically illustrated on the moon phase disc that has a double aperture showing. An impressive feature of this moon phase indicator is that there is a hidden quote from Snoopy’s comic strip that is nestled amidst crescent moons and stars that can be seen under UV light. The quote reads, “I CAN”T SLEEP WITHOUT A NIGHT LIGHT!”. Along with the quote, the “first quarter” or “half moon” shape along with the starry sky is all illuminated a beautiful blue under the UV light. This hidden detail is certainly an excellent touch.

Omega X Swatch – Moon Phase Moonswatch case back moon image

On the battery cover of this latest Moonswatch, Omega and Swatch have added details reflective of the timepiece. Unlike previous editions, which showcased the planetary body that inspires the design of the watch, this Moon Phase watch showcases the moon inspired by the world of Snoopy, with Snoopy’s footprint placed firmly near the centre of the moon!

Final Thoughts

I can already see this Moon Phase watch being a must-have for Moonswatch collectors. Omega X Swatch has kept the stand-out details of this bioceramic watch the same while adding in the Snoopy design changes to make this, in my opinion, the standout piece of the Moonswatch collection.

I already own the “Mission to Uranus” with its beautiful Pastel blue and white colour scheme, and after almost one and a half years of ownership, it hasn’t let me down whatsoever. The Velcro strap can get dirty on the inside, but that’s to be expected, while the outside has still retained the white colour. It’s a fun timepiece, which is exactly what it’s designed for.

Snoopy among the stars!

This latest Moon Phase timepiece should be no different. Now, with the added detail of Snoopy, the moon phase indicator and the “hidden” UV light details, this latest edition to the Moonswatch collection is bound to be a big hit among collectors and watch fanatics alike.

The Moon Phase Moonswatch will be available for purchase through Swatch Boutiques on the 26th of March 2024. The timepiece is non-limited and will retail for AUD $ 500.00.

Reference: 8SO33W700


  • Case: 42mm x 13.75mm thickness (lug to Lug distance = 47.30mm)
  • Case Material: White Bioceramic case, crown and pushers
  • Dial: White, featuring the OMEGA X Swatch logo and the iconic Speedmaster and MoonSwatch logos; recessed subdials and hour markers with Grade A Super-LumiNova® (green emission). Moon phase indicator with white mask and moon phase disc featuring Snoopy, NASA’s mascot, and Woodstock lying on the moon. Secret detail in UV ink (blue emission) featuring the famous quote from Snoopy’s comic strip, crescent moon, and stars.
  • Crystal: Box-shaped, made of bio-sourced material and treated with an anti-scratch coating, featuring an etched “S” in the center referencing the Swatch logo
  • Water resistance: 30m (3 Bar)
  • Movement: Quartz chronograph with moon phase indicator
  • Movement Frequency: N/A
  • Power reserve: N/A
  • Bracelet: White VELCRO© strap, attachment loop in white Bioceramic

Australian Recommended Retail Price: $500.00 AUD

Availability: Non-limited. Available for purchase on 26th March 2024 through Swatch Boutiques.

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