Celebrity Watch Spotting – NFL Stars

by Sameera Gamage

In this latest Celebrity Watch Spotting article, we look at some of the timepieces spotted on the wrist of high-profile NFL players.

Super Bowl LVIII came to an epic conclusion on Monday, with the Kansas City Chiefs winning 25-22 against the San Francisco 49ers in overtime. NFL, or the National Football League, for those that may not know, is one of the major professional sports leagues played only within America and Canada. NFL consists of 32 teams that are divided into either the American Football Conference (AFC) or the National Football Conference (NFC).

A regular season of the NFL consists of a three-week preseason in August, followed by an 18-week regular season. After this regular season, seven teams from each conference (four division winners and three wild card teams) advance to the playoffs. The playoffs are a single-elimination tournament, with the “final” essentially being the Super Bowl.

Patrick Mahomes lifting Super Bowl Trophy 2024

Like many of the high-profile sporting leagues in the world, the NFL is host to large contracts and celebrity-status players with luxury lifestyles. Watch partnerships are quite common, too, with players endorsing their favourite brands whenever possible. Unlike Tennis, however, players are not allowed to wear timepieces during games. One stand-out player in particular (Odell Beckham Jr) tried this and almost walked away with a hefty fine post-game before deciding that it wasn’t worth the risk. Due to this, most players wear their timepieces during press conferences or in the pre-game warm-ups.

Shown below are some high-profile NFL players, spotted wearing their favourite timepieces. The watches have been seen during players’ press- conferences, everyday life activities or arrivals at the stadiums. The watch brands range from IWC, Cartier, and Rolex all the way to Richard Mille. While each individual player can have a collection of watches, it will be too much to cover in just one article, so we’ve kept it to their most notable pieces spotted.

Odell Beckham Jr. – RM 11-03 Automatic Winding Flyback Chronograph McLaren

Reference: RM 11-03

Starting the list is none other than Odell Beckham Jr, for his audacious spirit in wearing the Richard Mille RM 11-03 Automatic Winding Flyback Chronograph during the NFL Cleveland vs Titans game. If ever there was a timepiece that could withstand the intense environment with the brutal tackles of the NFL, it would be a Richard Mille watch. The RM 11-03 Automatic Winding Flyback Chronograph brought together Formula 1 technology from the racing cars, with the result being a watch made from high tensile NTPT, essentially giving the watch the ability to withstand immense shocks.

Price (Approx): $572, 000 AUD

Travis Kelce – Rolex Day Date 228206 BLSP

Reference: 228206 BLSP

Travis Kelce, the most recent winner of Super Bowl LVIII, has quite the Rolex collection, consisting of Day-Dates, Submariners and Datejusts. One of his stand-out pieces, however, is the Rolex Day Date 228206IBLSP. Equipped with the presidential bracelet, this Rolex Day Date 228206 BLSP is a beautiful platinum model. Produced in 2018, the dial, with its ice blue motif index, is what makes this timepiece noticeable.

Price (Approx): $133, 600 AUD

Brock Purdy – Tudor Black Bay Burgundy METAS

Reference: M7941A1A0RU-0003

Unfortunately, on the losing side of this year’s Super Bowl LVIII, Captain of the San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Brock Purdy is a bit more subtle with his watch choices than his fellow NFL stars. Brock was spotted wearing a Tudor Black Bay Burgundy METAS as he arrived at the stadium for the final showdown. The Tudor Black Bay Burgundy METAS was an important release for the brand last year, as the timepiece now comes with the much-anticipated master chronometer movement inside the 41mm case, while the faux rivets from the bracelet have also been removed.

Price: $6,720 AUD

Tom Brady – Rolex Daytona “John Player Special”

Reference: 6264

One of the biggest names in the NFL, thanks to his illustrious career with defining moments of making epic comebacks, Tom Brady has also quite the watch collection. In fact, there’s probably only a handful of players in the AFL with as big a collection of timepieces as Brady. Out of all the watches in his collection, the most notable timepiece has to be the Rolex Daytona “John Player Special”. This vintage Daytona ref.6241 has a yellow-gold configuration (case, bracelet etc) and a black dial layout known as “John Player Special”. It was given this name due to the 70s John Player livery on Lotus Formula One cars.

Price (Approx): $1,500,000 AUD

Kyler Murray – Cartier Santos (WSSA0030)

Reference: (WSSA0030)

Kyler Murray is the current quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals. Murray tends to keep his watch collection private; however, during a GQ YouTube series, he spilled the beans about owning a rose gold day-date 40 with an olive green dial. The watch he was wearing during this series was the Cartier Santos (WSSA0030). This Santos timepiece lineage can be traced all the way back to the very first watch created for men back in 1904 (please read more about it here!). The Cartier Santos (WSSA0030) has a 39.8mm steel case and a stunning graduated blue dial with the iconic Roman numerals.

Price: $12,600 AUD

Jalen Hurts – Rolex Day-Date 40 in Everose Gold

Reference: M228235-0025

The quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles is quite the fan of Rolex. Jalen Hurts Rolex collection includes Datejust 41mm, Two-Tone Daytona and the Day-Date 40 in Everose Gold. The Day-Date is certainly the stand-out piece. It screams luxury and class, with its fluted bezel and presidential bracelet all in the beautiful everose gold material. To match the case aesthetics, Rolex gave the dial a stunning olive green sunray finish.

Price: $66,500 AUD

Jason Pierre-Paul – Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore

Reference: 26400SO.OO.A002CA.01

Jason Pierre-Paul played his college football for South Florida Bulls, and is now currently a free agent. The player certainly has a taste for the luxury life, with him being spotted with numerous high-end timepieces, from the Pateks, Richard Mille’s and Rolex to the Audemars Piguet. While the Rolex’s and RM’s have been covered plenty in this article, we chose to feature his Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore (26400SO.OO.A002CA.01). This Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore comes in a 44mm stainless steel case with silver-toned dial with “Méga Tapisserie” pattern and contrasting black counters. One thing can certainly be said about this player, and it’s that he has fine taste in watches.

Price (Approx): $45,000 AUD

Mitchell Schwartz – Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Extreme LAB 2

Reference: N/A

Mitchell Schwartz is a former NFL star who played as an offensive tackle. After playing for 9 years in the NFL, he finished his career in 2022. Watch fans may remember in 2021, he did an interview for Hodinkee in which he went through his extensive watch collection. A collection that ranges from G-shock all the way to Jaeger-LeCoultre Master complications. While his collection carries quite a few of stand-out pieces, one of the more notable timepieces is the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Extreme LAB 2. This watch sits quite large, at 47mm, and comes with a transparent dial showcasing the movement underneath. The complications include jumping digital minutes display, chronograph and GMT functionality.

Price (Approx): $71,000 AUD

Patrick Mahomes – Rolex Daytona Rainbow 116595RBOW

Reference: 116595RBOW

Patrick Mahomes is certainly one of the more prolific players in the NFL today. He just recently led the Kansas City Chiefs on a comeback win for Super Bowl LVIII. The quarterback led his team to win thanks to a 19-yard run in the game-winning overtime drive and completed 34/46 passes for 333 yards, the most he’s thrown in a Super Bowl. He’s coming up alongside Tom Brady in contention for the NFL G.O.A.T debate.

When it comes to his watches, he’s got quite the taste. Most of his timepieces include precious metal Rolex’s and an Omega Seamaster Aquaterra GMT. However, his most notable timepiece has to be the Rolex Daytona Rainbow 116595RBOW. This extravagant timepiece comes with a rose-gold case with a stunning display of 36 baguette cut diamonds in rainbow colours around the bezel.

Price (Approx): $805,000 AUD

Leonard Fournette – Richard Mille GMT Rose Gold RM 11-02

Reference: RM 11-02

Leonard Fournette was previously a running back for the NFL team Buffalo Bills. Back in 2018, Fournette made headlines for purchasing Rolex watches for the starting offensive line and two reserves of the NFL Jaguars team. The reason for this purchase was to say thanks to the team members for helping him rush for 1040 yards as a rookie. While he owns Rolex’s in his own private collection, his stand-out piece is the Richard Mille GMT Rose Gold RM 11-02. Unlike the previously mentioned RM timepieces in this list, this is one model you wouldn’t want to be wearing on the field, as it’s crafted in a 49mm 18k rose-gold case. The model features a transparent dial with flyback chronograph complication.

Price (Approx): $350,000 AUD

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