Seiko & Vintage Watch Co Showcase The Limited Edition Australasian Presage Cocktail Time

by Matt Clymo

It was Watches and Whiskey in Brisbane last night with Seiko Australia and Vintage Watch Co teaming up to showcase the new Presage Cocktail Time to a group of enthusiasts, complete with Whiskey tasting from Lark Distillery.

Last month, Seiko Australia unveiled their latest limited edition Presage to the market. A 1000 pieces for the Australian and New Zealand market and inspired from Lark Distillery in Tasmania’s signature cocktail, Irori Moments – a bespoke cocktail inspired by the traditional Japanese hearth. If you missed the release, you can read about it here. And last night in Brisbane, Seiko Australia teamed up with Vintage Watch Co to showcase the new model to collectors and enthusiasts, complete with some Whiskey tasting from Lark Distillery and canapes from locally sourced producers.

The new Australasian Limited Edition Presage Cocktail Time

The new Seiko Presage Cocktail Time, Ref. SRPK50J has one of those dials that is very reminiscent of a Grand Seiko. The textured dial that has the flaked effect, and with this model a smoked gradient to represent the hues and tones of the Irori Moments Cocktail. The way the dial elements catch the light is different ways is perfect for a dress watch, especially when on the wrist in dimmer lighting, but in the sun, just comes to life. Pictures don’t quite do it justice!

Close up on the textured and flaked dial of the Cocktail Time

Whilst the star of the night was the Presage Cocktail Time, it wouldn’t be an event at Vintage Watch Co without having some great vintage Seiko’s on display as well, like the vintage diver from 1962, or the Turtle from 1982.

There were also some new models on display, that pay tribute to the Australian outdoors way of life, like the Prospex SPB429J “Whitsunday” Limited Edition, or the SPB375J P.A.D.I. Special Edition, which capture the essence of the ocean perfectly!

Guests had the chance to taste some of Lark Distillery’s Whiskey whilst there, with their Classic Cask and Symphony No.1 on offer. The Lark and Seiko partnership was also captured in the special take home set, with a bottle of Lark Classic Cask and a Seiko branded tasting glass. Perfect to enjoy this whilst looking at the Presage Cocktail time on the wrist.

The food on offer was a sumptuous spread of locally sourced produce and canapes, which guest enjoyed throughout the evening, keeping them going whist talking watches, Seiko’s and Whiskey!

And with any watch event, the watch spotting is always great, and there were plenty of Seiko’s from all walks on the guests wrists, from vintage, to Grand Seiko! A few of them below.

It’s safe to say that this piece will be a sure fire hit, and talking to Seiko Australia, seems that many of the 1000 piece allocation are already spoken for. Not surprising as for $950 AUD, is great value for money and one reason collectors love Seiko’s – there are not too many other brands out there that offer the quality and finishing at their price point.

Sitting pretty on my wrist!

Check out all the images from the night below, and big thanks to Vintage Watch Co, Lark Distillery and Seiko Australia for the invite and night!

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