2021 Omega Speedmaster Chronoscope Co-Axial Master Chronometer Chronograph

by Chamath Gamage
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Yesterday Omega announced their latest unveiling; the all-new Speedmaster Chronoscope Co-Axial Master Chronometer Chronographs. These pieces are a first for Omega, as they pack quite a punch in terms of usable functions available on the watch. If you are in the market for timepieces that are well with modern times while being packed with functionality (for a mechanical watch!) then look no further!

Omega will be launching seven different variants of the Speedmaster Chronoscope Co-Axial Master Chronometer Chronograph. Firstly we will get two models with silver dials that have blue hands, blue hour indices, and a blue bezel. Then two models with blue dial that feature rhodium-plated hands with blue bezel and two models with silver dial, black sub-dials, black hands, black hour indices, and black bezel. 

The seventh model in the collection is quite a special one as it’s made up of the brand’s proprietary Bronze Gold. This Bronze Gold material is made with silver and palladium added to a mixture of 37.5% gold giving it better protection against corrosion when compared to normal gold alloys. The Bronze Gold model features a brown-like coloured dial with white sundials. The gold hour indices along with hands stand out superbly well against the backdrop. 


What makes this watch unique and with little competition in the watch market is the features it comes with. The dial has four features; two tachymeter scales, a telemeter scale, and a pulsometer scale. 

The bezel features the standard tachymeter scale that runs from 450/hr to 60/hr, which is measured as speed over the distance covered. However, Omega has also included a scale for units that are below 60/hr, which is the inner tachymeter scale. This inner tachymeter scale runs from 55 units per hour down to 20 units per hour. As it can’t be shown in one full rotation, Omega has shown this inner tachymeter scale in a snail-like scale, which can be seen in some vintage chronographs. 

The outer-most scale found on the dial is the telemetric scale (shown by the words under 12 o’clock hour marker). The telemetric scale is used to time how far off an event is, for example, something that is visible and audible. For example an event such as seeing lightning followed by the sound of thunder.

The scale shown below the telemetric is the pulsometric scale. This scale is made specifically to show the number of pulses per minute. How it works is, when you start the chronograph, you begin counting the pulse beats up to thirty. Once you hit thirty, you stop the chronograph and then read off the pulsometer scale. For example, if you count to thirty pulses and the chronograph stops at 70, then this means that the person has a heart beating at 70 beats per minute. 

The dial is enclosed in a 43mm stainless steel case for the standard six models, with the special piece being made from Bronze Gold. The case is made to withstand water resistance of 50meters. 


Omega has given the Speedmaster Chronoscope Co-Axial Master Chronometer Chronograph a new co-axial hand-wound movement; the calibre 9908. This calibre 9908 movement runs at 4hz and has a frequency of 28, 800 VpH. The movement gives out a power reserve of approximately 60 hours. All seven models come with an open case-back, which unfortunately doesn’t show much of the movement. In lieu of this, Omega has decorated the covered sections of the movement with “arabesque” Geneva stripes, which is a first for the company.

This new collection of watches by Omega is quite beautiful to look at while being highly technical as well. An array of colour choices to choose from, the new Omega Speedmaster Chronoscope Co-Axial Master Chronometer Chronograph is a refreshing new take on mixing luxury timepieces with functionality. 

Australian Retail Pricing: $13,200.00 (Stainless Steel) , $21,450.00 (Bronze Gold)

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