2021 Hublot Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Rainbow

by Chamath Gamage
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Hublot is known as the watch brand that has mastered the “Art of Fusion”. What they are also subtly known for is mastering the “Art of Colour”. Hublot has been setting all the colours of the rainbow on their High Jewellery pieces ever since 2017, with this latest creation being something they’ve never done before. 

This is the first time that the brand has combined all of its seven colours in one timepiece. Two exceptional High Jewellery timepieces are being released that are being donned in the full rainbow spectrum. This includes gem-setting from the case all the way to the bracelet! 

The timepieces used for this unique creation is the brand existing Big Bang Tourbillon‘s; King Gold and the white gold. Both these models feature a hollowed-out dial showing only just the movement, which contrasts well against the full gem-set watch, setting the attention to two different aspects of the timepiece beautifully. 

The King gold and white gold models used is the perfect template for this creation. Featuring a 43mm size that’s not overly big on the wrist, the timepieces also have an integrated bracelet, which will provide a smooth transition between the case and bracelet, especially with the gems set in place. There is a total of 36 carats on each piece. A total of 484 invisibly set baguette-cut stones of seven different colours of the spectrum of light are used. These colours include; bright red rubies, fuchsia pink sapphires, ultraviolet amethysts, topaz in Klein blue, leaf green tsavorites, lemon yellow sapphires and bright orange sapphires. 

The smooth colour transitions of the gems from the bezel to the case to the bracelet have been intricately and perfectly executed. The beautiful transition between the seven different colours certainly gives this piece its artistic flair. Setting the stones in this appealing manner is no easy task. A total of 1200 hours of work is spent, selecting stones, choosing the colours, cutting them and then finally setting them while ensuring that the gradiation of the colours is perfect. 

To final touch to this exquisite artistic creation is the movement. The dial shows only the necessities, the movement and the hour and minute hands. Manufactured in-house, the movement features a tourbillon at 6 o’clock, which is the centre-piece of the dial. The micro-rotor is also visible on the dial side, along with the three bridges which are made from sapphire. Just the right amount of components are used in the dial to leave as much empty room as possible, which incidentally allows both the dial and the gem-set case, bezel and bracelet to work independently from each other to grab the viewers attention. If the dial wasn’t hollowed, it would seem as if it’s blended with the watch itself and not do justice to either of the two exceptional creations. 

It’s not every day we see all the seven colours of the rainbow displayed in a single timepiece, let alone throughout the entire watch. To the lucky owners that can get their hands on this, it’s sure to provide joy and beauty when looking upon it, much like a rainbow itself. 

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