2021 Omega Seamaster 300 Collection

by Pratik Shah
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In 1957 Omega introduced 3 timepieces for professionals, Omega Seamaster 300 was one of them. The Seamaster 300 was Omega’s first attempt in their watchmaking history to produce a professional diving watch. Since its introduction, the Seamaster 300 has been one of most famous watches in underwater history. Admired by generations of divers, it has remained an iconic timepiece for more than 60 years. 

After World War II ended in 1945, society began to embrace a new and exciting era of exploration, travel and adventure. Science and industry were rapidly progressing too, and OMEGA was determined to respond with a series of watches dedicated entirely to professionals. In 1957, the “Professional Trilogy” collection was therefore born, including the Speedmaster, the Railmaster and the Seamaster 300.

The design of the Seamaster 300 was notable for its black dial, luminous indexes and large hands, which made it very simple-to-use and easy-to-read in a variety of conditions. On top of that, it was an innovative marvel. As well as offering an ingenious high-pressure water-proofing system, the watch also introduced OMEGA’s first diving bezel, built with a special safety feature to prevent accidental turning during dives. The Seamaster 300 intuitively appealed to experienced divers, delivering the best precision and reliability for life under water. As time went on, the watch’s reputation grew, and it later became a popular choice for recreational divers, scientists, and militaries at sea.

In 2021, the latest collection of models will arrive. Not only will they be thinner than previous versions thanks to the new sapphire glass, but they will include plenty of vintage tributes and a brand-new Master Chronometer upgrade. Below is their 2021 line-up:

Seamaster 300 Stainless Steel:

There are two models in the stainless-steel series: Blue and Black dial. The aesthetics of the dial i.e., the markers, hour, minute and second hands, the bezel are the same on both offerings. Both watches are paired with different straps. The Seamaster with Blue dial come with a stainless steel strap and the Seamaster with Black dial comes with brown leather on polished-brushed buckle. 

The new collection follows the spirit of those original models. Each of the 41 mm timepieces will be delivered in classic stainless steel, with thinner bezels crafted from an oxalic, anodised treated aluminium for increased hardness.


The bracelets are stainless steel and come with an improved fit and finishing. Their shape has been ergonomically adjusted with streamlined fittings and a thinner, polished brushed clasp. On the leather straps, a new buckle has also been included.


The most noticeable changes from the old Seamaster watches will be the new sandwich dial. This dial changes the entire look and feel of the watch. OMEGA has utilised a sandwich concept, including a base layer with Super-LumiNova and a second plate over the top with cuttings for the recessed hour markers and numerals. In a nod to history, these numerals are in the vintage Arabic open style, which appeared on early Seamaster 300 models in the 1960s.

Sandwich Dial – Reference:

OMEGA has also reintroduced the popular lollipop central seconds hand for the stainless steel models, with its tip now filled with SuperLumiNova. The hand works beautifully with the cleaner dial, which features only the OMEGA logo and Seamaster 300 name. There are no longer any references to the movement (these have instead been moved to the caseback).

lollipop Hand – Reference:

Those with a keen eye may also notice that the slim inner frame has given the dial a larger display, with an opening of 30.4 mm, as opposed to the previous 29.5 mm. Furthermore, OMEGA has achieved a slightly slimmer Seamaster 300 thanks to a new domed sapphire crystal on the face of the watch. This thinner look is enhanced by the addition of a new conical crown at the side of the case.


Finally, the caseback includes a wave-edged design, as well as a sapphire crystal that offers a view of the OMEGA Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 8912. The movement and full watch have been certified by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) at the industry’s highest standards of precision, performance and magnetic resistance.

Seamaster 300 Bronze Gold:

OMEGA has gone exclusive with this model, the watch represents the very first OMEGA to be created in this patent-pending alloy. In a truly pioneering moment, this year’s new Seamaster 300 collection will also include a 41 mm model crafted from OMEGA’s exclusive Bronze Gold.


Bronze watches have been extremely popular in the last couple of years, and we have seen manufacturers introducing many models with bronze casing. It is how the metal ages, gives the watch its unique look. Bronze has a long and traditional history with ocean exploration, having been used in nautical applications such as boat propellers and diving helmets. There is also a historical reference to copper being blended with gold or silver to create an alloy once known as Corinthian Bronze. While details of its exact composition are limited, various ancient Greek texts reinforce the reputation of Corinthian Bronze as a highly prized metal for the creation of statues, vases, vessels and more. Echoing its own Greek-inspired name, OMEGA has revived this classical art today in its own unique way!

Bronze Gold was specifically developed to produce a pleasing aesthetic and hue, while also offering a bronze alloy that could be worn with direct contact on the skin, thanks to its distinctive composition.


Used for the entire case and buckle, the oneof-a-kind alloy is enriched with noble elements such as 37.5% gold, hallmarked as 9K, as well as palladium and silver, to create a unique colour which sits exactly between the brand’s 18K Moonshine™ gold and 18K Sedna™ gold.


As well as featuring a soft pink hue, during wear it offers incomparable corrosion resistance without verdigris-oxidation, and will therefore age slowly and retain its natural and beautiful patina over a longer period of time. For fans of bronze watches and innovative materials, this is great news! To complement the impressive Bronze Gold, the bezel ring of this timepiece has been created in brown ceramic with a diving scale in vintage Super-LumiNova. Thanks to the fact that the dial is an internal component, OMEGA took the opportunity to use a common bronze alloy (CuSn8) in order to offer a unique dark brown colour with a patina that was created after a special ageing process had taken place. The contrast with the exclusive Bronze Gold is therefore particularly captivating! The model comes with a full 5-year warranty and is powered by the OMEGA Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 8912.


Seamaster 300 Referneces:

Seamaster 300 Blue dial / SS bracelet –

Seamaster 300 Black dial / Brown leather strap –

Seamaster 300 Bronze Gold dial / Brown leather strap –

Australian Retail Pricing:

Seamaster 300 Blue dial / SS bracelet – $9,900.00

Seamaster 300 Black dial / Brown leather strap – $9,425.00

Seamaster 300 Bronze Gold dial / Brown leather strap – $17,675.00


Seamaster 300 Blue dial / SS bracelet -April 2021

Seamaster 300 Black dial / Brown leather strap – April 2021

Seamaster 300 Bronze Gold dial / Brown leather strap – June 2021

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