Understanding Patek Philippe Reference numbers in 2021

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A simple guide to better understand how the reference numbers work and their relevance.

You will often come across reference numbers when looking at watches. Each brand will have its own unique numbering system and most of the time you will have trouble deciphering these bunch of numbers.

When it comes to Patek Philippe, the easiest way to decipher the numbering system is to break the numbers down to men’s and women’s.

Below is a four step guide to better understand the relevance of the Patek Philippe numbering system

1. All Patek Philippe numbering will start with either 3xxx,4xxx,5xxx,6xxx or 7xxx

Men’s reference numbers will start with 3xxx, 5xxx or 6xxx

It is worth noting that from the current collection of the 151 watches (2021) there is no reference that starts with ‘3xxx‘ that are available to purchase.

Women’s reference numbers will start with 4xxx and 7xxx

However, there are a few models that start with number ‘5xxx‘ in women’s model numbers (models 5062 and 5072).

2. The reference number is followed with a backslash and a numeric code (xxxx/XXXX)

The following numeric codes indicates the information on the casing, bracelet, type of gem-setting or if engraving has been done.

XXXX/1 – Indicates a watch with a bracelet

Reference : 5726/1A-014 – Steel Bracelet

XXXX/50 – Indicates a watch with a decorated dial

Reference : 5235/50R-001 – Two-tone graphite and ebony black and vertical satin finish

XXXX/200 – Indicates a watch with a gem set case (round brilliant gems)

Reference : 7200-200R-001 – Case set with 142 diamonds 

XXXX/300 – Indicates a watch with a gem set case (baguette cut gems)

Reference : 4897/300G-001 – Bezel set with 48 baguette diamonds

XXXX/400 – Indicates a watch with a gem set case (high jewellery)

Reference : 4978-400G-001 – 679 diamonds of graduated size forming a spiral

XXXX/500 – Indicates a watch with an engraved case

XXXX/900 – Indicates a watch with a combination of mixed techniques

For example, reference 7300/1450R-001 will have a Bracelet (1), high jewellery set (400) and decorated dial (50)

3. Followed by a letter that indicates the type of material used… (xxxx/xxxxX)

“A” – ‘Acier’ in French means Steel in Patek Philippe

Reference 7118-1A-001- Steel case and Bracelet

“J” – ‘Jaune’ in French means Yellow-Gold in Patek Philippe

Reference 5327J-001- Yellow gold case

“R” – Means Rose-Gold in Patek Philippe

Reference : 5270-1R-001- Rose gold Case and Bracelet

“G” – ‘Gris’ in French means White-Gold in Patek Philippe

Reference : 6300G-010 – White Gold case

“P” – Means Platinum in Patek Philippe

Reference : 5316P-001 – Platinum case

“AR” – Means Steel/Rose-Gold in Patek Philippe

Reference : 5980-1AR-001 – Steel/Rose-Gold Case and Bracelet

4. Lastly, reference will have a three-digit number after the hyphen

The first iteration of the dial will start with 001

Reference : 5270P-001

The second iteration will be not 002, but 010

Reference : 5372P-010

The third iteration will be 011

Reference : 5370P-011

The fourth iteration will be 012

Reference : 5531R-012
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