The New Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Revealed (2021)

by Chamath Gamage
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Moonwatch now Master Chronometer Certified

Omega is starting 2021 with a bang, as they have announced that the Speedmaster Moonwatch collection will be getting a fresh update with the next generation of models coming up. The latest lineup will get unique touches from the design department while also donning a new powerful Master Chronometer certified anti-magnetic movement. 

For this particular launch, Omega has taken inspiration from their 4th generation of Moonwatch style (ref. ST 105.012). This 4th generation Speedmaster Moonwatch was worn by Apollo 11 astronauts on the moon in 1969. As a tribute to Omega’s defining space era, the new lineup of timepieces comes with the classic asymmetrical case, step dial, double bevel case back, the famous dot over 90 (DON) and dot diagonal to 70 on the anodised aluminium bezel ring. 

The most significant update to the latest collection has to be the new Calibre 3861 movement. The arrival of this new Co-axial Master Chronometer Calibre 3861 movement ensures that the Moonwatches will not be affected by even the most extreme magnetic fields reaching 15, 000 gauss. In addition to this, the entire timepiece containing this movement will be certified as a Master Chronometer, which is the highest standard for precision, performance, and magnetic resistance in the Swiss watch industry. 

Omega’s new Master Chronometer Certified Collection comes in four variations, which are categorised below.

Speedmaster Moonwatch – Sapphire – 42 mm – Calibre 3861

The first model (ref 310. in the Master Chronometer Certified Collection is presented on a polished-brushed five-arched-links-per row bracelet. All the models in this collection come with a 42mm case size. This model in particular is stainless steel and features sapphire crystal glass on the front as well as on the case back. Including this piece, all the models in the Master Chronometer Certified Collection come with the space era timepiece characteristics as we have mentioned earlier. This model also comes presented on a black leather strap, which quite nicely matches the contrasting black and white dial. 

Speedmaster Moonwatch – Hesalite – 42 mm – Calibre 3861

The second model in the collection comes on a brushed five-arched-links-per-row bracelet and is also presented on a stainless steel case. The difference with this model however is that it features a hesalite glass on the front and an embossed Seahorse medallion on the case back. The details of this model compared to the first sapphire glass model are the same besides the change in glass and bracelet design. This hesalite version also comes on a nylon fabric strap, which offers more of a sporty style and finish compared to the black leather. 

Speedmaster Moonwatch – Canopus Gold – 42 mm – Calibre 3861

This third variation comes on a five-arched-links-per-row bracelet as well, however is now made from 18K Canopus gold. Sapphire crystal is used for both the front of the dial and the case back. The other stand feature of this variation is that the sub counters are done in white, which while matching the dial, also makes the counters be part of the dial itself instead of standing out as per normal Speedmaster models. This variation is also presented on a black leather strap. 

Speedmaster Moonwatch – Sedna Gold – 42 mm – Calibre 3861

The fourth variation is by far our favourite, as the model looks quite stunning from the bracelet to the dial. This model comes in 18k Sedna gold, which is used for the case and bracelet. The bracelet is also a five-arched-links-per-row as per the other models. The dial is quite beautiful as the hour indexes, hands, inscriptions, and sub counters have a 18k Sedna gold finish. The black dial background contrasts very nicely against the 18k Sedna gold finishing. This model also comes in a black leather strap, which certainly helps to highlight the 18k Sedna gold finishing on the casing and dial. 

Raynald Aeschlimann who is President and CEO of OMEGA sums up this new collection nicely by stating that “When updating a sacred timepiece like the Speedmaster Moonwatch, every detail must be true to its original spirit. This chronograph is recognised the world over, so we’ve approached its design with the most sincere respect while taking its movement to the next level.”

With Omega presenting so many options in their new Master Chronometer Certified Collection, it’s now up to the public to select their favourite. Regardless of choice, all the models in the collection come with Omega’s full 5-year warrenty. 

Speedmaster Moonwatch Australian Pricing:

Hesalite Ref :  310. (Bracelet) – $9,575.00

Hesalite Ref :  310.  (Nylon fabric strap) – $9,075.00

Sapphire Ref :  310. (Bracelet) – $10,900.00 

Sapphire Ref :  310.  (Black leather strap) – $10,400.00

Sedna Gold Ref :  310. (Bracelet) – $53,150.00

Sedna Gold Ref :  310.  (Black leather strap) – $37,625.00

Canopus Gold Ref :  310. (Bracelet) – $69,150.00

Canopus Gold Ref :  310.  (Black leather strap) – $46,375.00

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