Rado Captain Cook Bronze Burgundy Revealed

by Lewis Jordan
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Rado have expanded its iconic Captain cook line, this time featuring a striking combination of Bronze case, and Burgundy colourway. 

An original look from 1962 is brought to life in a new and improved form for the twenty-first century. With vintage details and styling true to the original, and up-to-date features that make it a match for modern wearers, Captain Cook is a watch designed to stand the test of time. This model features a bronze case as well as a NATO strap made from durable synthetic fabric for a perfect combination of ancient and modern materials.

Sitting at 12.5mm thick, the new watch is right in the sweet spot for a traditional diver. With 300 metres of water resistance and up to 80 hours of power reserve, the Rado is an excellent option for everyday wear. 

Granted, this new release is nothing more than an additional colourway to the existing model. But the new piece stands apart from the others thanks to the colourway here. A deep red is a tricky thing to pull off well, but Rado seems to have done just that here. On top of the colour is exceptionally well designed, it is worth mentioning that even Rolex have openly spoken about the difficulties of producing red ceramic for its bezels.

Here, Rado produce a burgundy ceramic bezel to perfection, which plays beautifully against the bronze case and the dial decorations. 

In spite of the traditional design language of the captain cook, the use of ceramics and bronze, are ensuring this piece goes in an entirely modern direction.

The only downside I can see here personally, is the use of a double pass NATO strap. This Rado is going to sit a bit higher than its counterparts and is likely not to get a tight fit on wrist due to the choice in strap. 

Priced at $4,150AUD, the Rado Captain Cook Bronze Burgundy takes aim squarely at the Tudor black bay. 

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