Ulysse Nardin Freak X – Magma and Ice

by Chamath Gamage
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Ulysse Nardin has released two new daring timepieces that draw inspiration from natures most extreme conditions. The central mechanisms that are the driving force behind Ulysse Nardin are still ever-present in the latest models of the Freak X concept. The upcoming novelties by Ulysse Nardin are created using stoic polar ice floes and the majestic volcanoes that regenerate the earth as the source for the design inspiration.

As a reflection of the two new timepieces, Ulysee Nardin is also partnering up with Carsten Peter, a nature photographer that adventures to extreme places most people would dare not dream of going. His incredible images showcase nature’s extreme forces; over glaciers, in tornadoes and up close and personal with the intense heat from volcanoes.

The award-winning photographer is a regular contributor to National Geographic Magazine, where he displays his never before seen images from the most dangerous places on earth. Carsten uses many innovative techniques to be able to capture the daring photos before bringing them to life to share with the world. For this, Ulysse Nardin sees it as a great partnership as Carsten displays the courage and spirit to be able to embark on his odyssey.  

The two models released by Ulysse Nardin is the Freak X Magma and the Freak X Ice. The Freak X Magma is incredibly light, scratch-resistant and has a unique casing design. Made from ultra-light carbon fibre and red marbled epoxy resin for the casing, each Freak X model, will be a unique timepiece. The red marbled epoxy resin is meant to reflect a Lava storm that is ever-present in volcanoes. The hour markers have been done in red to match the casing, which also gives a nice contrast on the black satin-smooth finished dial.

Red SuperlumiNova has also been applied to the “baguette” style minute hand, not only adding to the contrast on the dial but also making night time readability easier. The Freak X Magma comes with a black leather strap that has textures making it look similar to obsidian volcanic rock. The combination of red and black along with the unique design details of the casing and leather strap make this piece mesmerising to hold.

As with the forces of nature, a direct contrast to the Freak X Magma is the Freak X Ice. The Freak X Ice is an all-white model that is a reflection of the prehistoric glaciers. When worn, this watch certainly does make you feel like going on daring adventures, embrace risk and chase those dreams! The Freak X Ice comes with titanium alabaster casing which matches the mechanisms on the openwork dial nicely.

Unlike the Freak X Magma, Ulysse Nardin has opted to shy away from a contrasting dial for the Freak X Ice, and instead make it white as possible to give the feeling of ice floes. The hour indexes, however, have been given a navy-blue finish to offer the contrast for easy readability of the time. The SuperlumiNova on the “baguette” style hand is done in white, which further adds to the ice effect. To match the dial, Ulysse Nardin has used a white leather strap with an inner rubber coating.

Both watches come with Ulysse Nardin’s UN-230 self-winding calibre movement. The UN-230 movement, which is used for Freak X watches, produces approximately 72 hours of power reserve. This iconic movement powers the carousel movement of the minute and hour hands, providing some intricate visual entertainment when in operation.

Ulysse Nardin is known to be a pioneer in the watchmaking industry. With two timepieces that are inspired by contrasting forces of mother nature, the Freak X collection has been undoubtedly given a bold new look.

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