Tom Inslay’s Omega Seamaster 300M

by Tom Inslay
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The Omega Seamaster is one of the most iconic divers watches ever made, a remarkable achievement considering it was first released in only 1994. Made famous as being the watch of choice by James Bond, with a little help from the likes of Prince William and George Clooney. In May 2019 Omega released to the world six new variations of the current Seamaster 300M. Much to my delight one of these sported a new Zirconium Oxide White dial. Zirconium Oxide is a Ceramic, which offers a hard, durable, and fade resistant option that also looks terrific in a highly polished finish. Omega have made white dialled Seamaster’s before, but usually as special releases, coming with extra associated marketing and logos – EXAMPLE: The Vancouver 2010 Olympics model. The last full production white dialled Seamaster 300 ceased production in 2005, a lifetime ago considering the many technological advancements that have been made in the horology world since then, making this latest model a fresh and exciting addition to the collection. 

The Case:

The case measures in at 42mm (Diameter) X 13.5mm (Thickness) which is a typical divers size. However the watch wears small for its size thanks to narrow crown hugging guards and tapered lugs that perfectly sweep down to the 20mm strap. Large polished bevels on the lugs also give the watch a slightly dressier feel, coupled with the polished black ceramic bezel and Zirconium dial, this watch is more of a versatile sports watch than a worker’s tool watch. The helium escape valve crown (The Jelly Shot) at the 10 position is a notable feature that many don’t like, although in this model it has a tapered profile which lessens its impact. Also worthy to note on this model the helium valve can be opened underwater, a great feature for those using this watch for actual deep sea diving!

The bezel as previously mentioned has a polished black ceramic insert with recessed markers filled with white enamel and a lume pip at the 12 position which is almost flush to the bezel. Around the side are 12 flat facets which are a great design feature tying in perfectly to the soft wave pattern of the dial. This does have a negative impact on the rotation of the bezel which although is resistant to accidental bumps is hard to grip and turn through the 120 click un-directional motion.

Thick Sapphire Crystal on both the front and back helps provides the 300m water resistance and also showcases the Calibre 8800 CoAxial Master Chronometer movement, officially certified by Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC) and Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS). Beating at 25,200vph (3.5Hz) and with a 55h power reserve. 

The Dial

Featuring a delightful high gloss finish, and laser engraved recessed matte finished waves that capture light from every angle adding interest. The date has been ingeniously added at the 6 position on top of a shortened hour marker making it hardly noticeable and maintaining dial symmetry. The lume plots are white with a thin black border giving great legibility but without being overbearing. Omega have stuck with the skeleton hands on this model, they are highly polished but appear black in almost all lighting providing exceptional contrast and visibility (in the daytime). The dial text is a little cluttered with 7 lines of text, but not enough to negatively impact on those beautiful waves running throughout. 


The watch can be purchased on the bracelet or [my preference] a OEM black rubber strap. I’ve found strap extremely comfortable and cooler for summer wear. Too clarify, cooler in the literal meaning i’m not speaking to my perception of fashion here! The strap sports a well finished solid buckle with Omega logo. The rubber is soft and malleable, making the combination very comfortable on the wrist. I find a lot of watches sit uncomfortably on the outside of my wrist but this settles nicely in the middle, and sits low – helping avoid those doorways and brick walls! Also easily sliding under those tight cuffs. The versatility of the watch is a real feature, it looks just as good on a vintage leather strap as it does on a rubber strap or the OEM bracelet. My wrist is 6.75” for reference.

Night time legibility is reasonable, the hour hand and hour markers glow with blue lume, the colour is a smoothing sky blue, a little less in your face than some other watches but just as bright. The minute hand sports green lume to aid in night time readability.  The brightness and longevity of the lume is second to none. Although it can be tricky to tell the time when the minute hand is in front of an hour marker as the thin lume plots along the arms of the skeleton hands are all but invisible and it’s hard to distinguish the green from the blue lume once the lumenessence starts to fade. 

Fit and Finish

Overall the fit and finish is outstanding, even under close macro inspection I didn’t find any blemishes such as dust or fluff. The brushed and polished surfaces are finished exquisitely with clean transitions between the two. As this is a production watch few parts are hand finished, most of the components are made and finished by machine to exacting detail, precision and beauty – the beautifully machined spiral ‘Geneva’ stripes on the rotor are evidence of the beauty that can be created without the need of hand finishing. 


Overall this is a watch that has definitely been worth the six month wait! Quickly becoming a watch I find myself wearing more often than not. The only minor drawback is the nighttime legibility, however this is hardly worth a mention when considering the strengths of the watch. My favourite being the high polished dial contrasted with the recessed matte waves which are gorgeous from every angle. 

 I would recommend this watch to anyone looking for a mid size versatile tool/dive watch that can be dressed up or down to suit any situation!


Name: Omega Seamaster 300M


Movement: Calibre 8800 (25,200vph / 55hr reserve)

Size: 42mm X 13.5mm

RRP: $7,400 AUD (On bracelet) $,6,925 (On strap) 

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