Zenith 2019 Novelties

by Chamath Gamage
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Hosted by The Hour Glass Brisbane

On August 17, 2019 The Hour Glass Brisbane hosted an event with Zenith showcasing the latest releases for the brand in 2019. 

On display were the 2019 novelties which included the following:

EL PRIMERO A384 REVIVAL 50th Anniversary  

Alongside the El Primero A386 revival 50th Anniversary edition, Zenith has also released the A384 revival piece. This modern and updated watch is representative of the original 1969 reference A384. 

The El Primero A384 Revival has the original 1969 case design with the 37mm diameter. Unlike the A386 Revival however, the A384 Revival is standalone and only comes with a stainless steel finish and a power reserve of 50 hrs. 

This was popular among the crowd due to its case size and the panda dial. Available in September 2019 through The Hour Glass.

EL PRIMERO A386 REVIVAL 50th Anniversary  

Zenith has released the revival of the original 1969 Zenith El Primero Chronograph A386 to mark the timepiece’s 50th anniversary. 

One of the stand out pieces in the event, The El Primero A386 Revival comes in the different case materials: 18ct Rose gold, 18ct White gold and 18ct Yellow gold. The dial is representative of Zeniths iconic chronograph, having multicoloured counters.

The hour markers, hour and minute hands have matching trims to suit the case materials. All three come in either a brown or black leather strap to give a nice classy appeal. The Zenith El Primero A386 Revival also comes with a staggering 50 year warranty! 

Defy El Primero 21 Carbon

The Defy El Primero 21 is made from pure carbon with the watch casing, pushers, crown and buckle head on the bracelet all made from the carbon material. 

The watch case is 44mm which is a great size to fit the openwork dial showcasing the movement and the chronograph counters. 

Pilot Type 20 Chronograph Adventure 

Zenith has given their pilot collection a slight face lift with dial colour and strap variations. One version of the Pilot Type 20 Chronograph Adventure has a 45mm bronze casing with a khaki green grained dial. 

The Pilot Type 20 Chronograph Adventure uses the El Primero 4069 automatic movement which produces up to approximately 50 hours power reserve.

Pilot Type 20 Adventure

The Pilot Type 20 Adventure release by Zenith is a more cleaner and simple version due to not having the chronograph. The Pilot Type 20 Adventure was released in two variants at Baselworld.

The casing is 45mm wide and made of Bronze material. The movement behind the Pilot Type 20 Adventure is an Elite 679 Automatic, which produces roughly 50 hours power reserve. 


Using a new monolithic oscillator that can be seen from the watch face, the new 44m Defy Inventor uses the Huyguens sprung balance principle has been redefined and reinvented in this aesthetic timepiece. 

The watch casing is unique as well, being composed of Titanium and Aeronith Bezel. 

The dial is openwork, showcasing the movement and the signature star shape of the Zenith brand. 

The movement on the Defy Inventor is the Zenith Oscillator Calibre 9100. The movement provides up to approximately 50 hours power reserve. 

Zenith Defy Classic Ceramic

The Zenith Defy Classic Ceramic comes in a new 41mm brushed casing made from ultra-lightweight Titanium. The Defy range encompasses various degrees of complex movements and openwork designs, which is shown throughout the Zenith Defy Classic Ceramic.

This strikingly beautiful timepiece comes in blue, black and white ceramic cases.

1 of 1 Zenith El Primero Tourbillon

The team at The Hour Glass Brisbane and Brand manager for Zenith did an outstanding job in showcasing the latest pieces while explaining what each piece was about. Another successful event hosted by The Hour Glass Brisbane.

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