PHOTO REPORT: An Evening With Bvglari and Hennessy

by Matt Clymo

This week, we attended an intimate evening with Bvlgari up in Brisbane to showcase the range of Octo Finissimo pieces to local enthusiasts and enjoying the taste of Hennessy Cognac!

Bvlgari is a brand synonymous with luxury and high-end fashion. They are also, however, the brand that can claim the title of the thinnest watch in the world and has some very real watchmaking credentials. There are approximately 30 watchmakers in the industry that have the skills and expertise to work on what we would consider high-complication pieces, and as of today, Bvlgari has 6 of these according to Bvlgari Watches Managing Director Antoine Pin.

This week, the Bvlgari Boutique in Brisbane hosted VIPs, collectors and enthusiasts to showcase their range of Octo Finissimo watches, as well as other iconic Bvlgari pieces like the Octo Roma, the Bvlgari Bvlgari and of course, Serpenti. Watch Advice was there to capture the event and talk to all the guests, and safe to say they all enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

As well as enjoying an evening of watches, guests were treated to a Cognac tasting thanks to the people at Hennessy. With large Cognac glasses with sculptured ice cubes filled with Hennessy X.O, guests enjoyed this along with champagne and Canapés. The show stopper of the night (drink wise that is) was the Hennessy Paradis, aged in barrels that are on average 100 years old.

Outside the Cognac, the night was really all about the watches, particularly the Octo Finissimo pieces. Guests could see and try on the pieces, getting a feel for them on the wrist, and being 2024, constant photo’s and video’s for social media. The skeleton Octo Finissimo’s were a crowd pleaser, as were several of the gold models, both skeletonised and non-skeleton pieces.

Whilst these events are heavily male-skewed, the great aspect of Bvlgari is they have plenty of options for the ladies, watches and jewellery included. And you can’t go to a Bvlgari event without trying on their iconic Serpenti pieces – made famous by Elizabeth Taylor in her role as Cleopatra back in 1963. It is safe to say that these were a hit!

Another special piece for the ladies that was on show was the Allegra. A beautiful feminine piece that consists of brilliant-cut diamonds, 2 Citrine, 2 Amethysts, 2 blue Topazes, a Peridot and a Rhodolite with a mother of pearl dial all set in an 18k Rose Gold case.

Guest were also treated to a special video call from Bvlgari Watches Managing Director, Antoine Pin himself who spoke about the direction Bvlgari was headed in, and why some of their iconic pieces are just that – namely the Octo Finissimo with its roots coming from the Octo range, which draws inspiration from Italian and Roman art and architecture.

But as they say, all good things must come to an end, and with several hours spent trying on and examining watches, sipping Hennessy Cognac and talking to friends old and new, we said our goodbyes and ventured off!

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