Seiko Debuts New Series Of King Seiko Dress Watches

by Sameera Gamage

Seiko has updated the King Seiko collection with four new timepieces. The design stays true to its heritage while being updated for modern times.

The story goes that in the 1960s, one collection of mechanical watches led to the evolution of Japanese timepieces: the King Seiko. King Seiko was born in 1961, and it didn’t take long before it became a classic. The King Seiko collection was constantly updated as the years progressed after its creation, which led the design and Engineering team at Seiko to create a second series, known as the King Seiko KSK.

1969 King Seiko KSK 45KCM timepiece

After the success of this second King Seiko series (KSK), the brand started experimenting with a wide range of case shapes and designs, which became part of the collection during the late 1960s and 1970s. Now, for 2024’s update to the King Seiko collection, Seiko is revisiting the iconic designs of a KSK model born in 1969.

This watch in question is the King Seiko 45KCM from 1969. What sets this model apart from the rest is the characteristically curved silhouette of the case. This tonneau-like case design came with a mirror polish, which gave the case a stunning shine. All of these details are now being re-imagined for this latest series in the King Seiko collection.

Seiko – King Seiko KS1969 – silver dial (ref. SJE109J1), purple dial (ref. SJE111J1) and green dial (ref. SJE113J1)

The new models, termed KS1969, are being presented as three new additions to the main collection alongside a limited edition model celebrating Seiko’s 100th anniversary this year. All four additions stay true to the vintage King Seiko 45KCM, bar a few design details. The case’s shape stays true to the 1969 classic, referencing its elegance and shine with a mirror-polished case and bezel finish that plays with light beautifully. The case thickness also sits at 9.9mm, thanks to Seiko’s modern manufacturing techniques and also the slimline Calibre 6L35 movement, leading to a slimmer design compared to the vintage model.

The main points of difference between this modern interpretation and the vintage King Seiko 45KCM occur on the dial. Firstly, the original model came with double 12 o’clock hour markers with a polished finish. However, the modern series stays true to the overall King Seiko signature design with double patterned markers. Secondly, the more obvious change in detail is the dial inscriptions. As you would expect, over the years, Seiko has added and removed certain writing on the dial to present a cleaner dial. The vintage models “Seiko Superior Chronometer Officially Certified” and “KS Hi-Beat” have now been replaced with simply “Seiko” and “King Seiko Automatic”.

Seiko – King Seiko KS1969 – Purple dial (ref. SJE111) and green dial (ref. SJE113)

This new series is being offered in four different dial colour variations, with the colours reflecting the traditional and contemporary elements of Tokyo, Japan. Firstly, we are presented with a silver dial, whose texture evokes the modern-day cityscape of Tokyo. The purple dial is done in the image of the traditional Japanese colour known as “Edo purple”, which was a colour that was highly cherished during Japan’s Edo period. Then, we get the green dial, a reflection of the natural greenery that has covered parts of Japan for centuries.

Seiko – King Seiko KS1969 – Limited edition light blue dial (ref. SJE115J1)

Lastly, we are presented with the limited edition model celebrating the 100 years of the Seiko brand. 1924 was the first time that a wristwatch from the brand featured “Seiko” on the dial, which marked the official beginning of the brand. As part of this celebration, Seiko is presenting the fourth model of this latest King Seiko series with a light blue-green dial and a very special textured pattern. This pattern, as the brand states, “Is inspired by the scales of a rising dragon, which serves as a metaphor for the Seiko brand’s progression toward the next 100 years. The dragon is also the animal sign for 2024 in the Japanese zodiac, which remains a part of the country’s culture and befits the commemorative edition.”

Seiko – King Seiko KS1969 – Limited edition light blue dial (ref. SJE115J1) case back

All four models come with Seiko’s Calibre 6L35 movement, which operates at a frequency of 28,800 Vph or 8 beats per second. The 6L35 movement falls into Seiko’s 6L family of slimline movements, with the thickness of the movement being around 3.7mm. The movement is able to power the timepiece for 45 hours.

Final Thoughts

Seiko’s latest additions to the King Seiko family spice up the current collection with a beautifully glistening polished case reimagined from the 1969 classic 45KCM. The four dial colours also differ from each other not only by patterns but also through gradient effects, giving the buyer a variety of choices to suit personal tastes.

Seiko – King Seiko KS1969 – Green dial (ref. SJE113J1) – Bracelet finish detail

Another addition that’s new to this current King Seiko collection is the bracelet. While the current models in the King Seiko all feature the same 7-link bracelet, Seiko has adopted a new multi-row bracelet that has mirror-polishing combined with a brushed finish to achieve a sparkling finish when it reflects light. This works very well with the overall aesthetics of the timepiece, with the case and bezel, as mentioned earlier, also providing a beautiful shine.

While three of the models (silver, purple, and green) are being permanently added to the King Seiko collection, the fourth light blue edition will only be produced in 700 units worldwide. We have chosen this model with its aesthetic patterned dial to do a full review, so stay tuned for that in the upcoming weeks!

All four Seiko King Seiko KS1969 will be available in July 2024 at select Seiko Boutiques and retail stores worldwide.

King Seiko KS1969


  • Silver: SJE109
  • Purple: SJE111
  • Green: SJE113
  • Light Blue: Seiko Brand 100th Anniversary King Seiko SJE115


  • Size: 39.4mm, 9.9mm thick and 43.6mm lug-to-lug
  • Case: Stainless steel case with mirror-polished finish
  • Movement: Automatic Calibre 6L35 beating at 4Hz / 28,800 VpH
  • Power reserve: Approx. 45hrs
  • Water resistance: 5 bar (50 meters)
  • Crystal: Box-shaped sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on the inner surface
  • Case back: Screwed caseback King Seiko logo, “LIMITED EDITION”, and serial number engraved.
  • Bracelet/Strap: Multi-row bracelet with a combination of mirror-polishing and brushed finish.

Australian Recommended Retail Pricing: AUD$4,650 (All four references).

Availability: Available for purchase in July 2024 at select Seiko Boutiques and retail stores worldwide. Reference SJE115 (light blue dial) is limited to 700 timepieces worldwide. For more information, please head to

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