MB&F’s Dynamic Duo Reunites for the LM Sequential Flyback

by Mario C

You’ve seen chronographs before, but never like this! From the twisted minds of Max Büsser and Stephen McDonnell comes a new creation that’s as complicated as watchmaking gets.

Consistently covering MB&F’s newest releases has left me somewhat desensitised to their horological prowess. It’s as if I were living in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory; MB&F is a wonderful brand to immerse yourself in, but it eventually becomes your accepted reality. Not that it’s a bad thing – Chamath’s latest acquisition still wowed me – but sometimes I fear that Max and his Friends may not be able to stun me in the same way that they have before.

Chamath’s MB&F Legacy Machine 101

I’m glad, however, that those fears are always misplaced. Their latest release, the MB&F LM Sequential Flyback, has me equally excited and delightfully confused. Initially conceived two years prior as the GPHG award-winning LM Sequential EVO, the LM Sequential Flyback is one of the most complex watches on Earth. From a company as esteemed as MB&F, that’s extremely high praise.

Typically, when I start to talk about a new release, I follow a certain formula: a brief history of the brand, design, and mechanics. For MB&F, however, form is function, so to talk about the design is to talk about the mechanics. So, how does it work? A loaded question for a watch such as this, so be prepared to keep up. Take notes if you have to – I know I did!

The MB&F LM Sequential Flyback isn’t all that different from the LM Sequential EVO besides the added flyback feature, which we’ll get back to later. All you need to know at the moment is that the Sequential collection is built out of what is ostensibly two chronographs that can be operated independently. Both have a 60-second timer (the big one) and a 30-minute timer (the little one) and are controlled by their respective pushers on the left and right sides of the watch. Now, here’s where a little of the MB&F magic comes in with Stephen McDonnell’s Twinverter System. With a push of the button at 9 o’clock, you can cause one of three things:

  1. If neither chronograph is running, the Twinverter button can start them at the same time
  2. If both chronographs are running, the Twinverter button can stop them at the same time
  3. If one chronograph is running, the Twinverter button can stop that chronograph and start the other one at the same time

On top of it all lies the flyback feature. My Art of Complications Article  (please click here to read the article!) on the chronograph tells you all about it, but it essentially allows you to dynamically reset either chronograph without having the time delay of stopping it first. A flyback chronograph on its own is already enough mental gymnastics to cope with, but having to build that feature into two chronographs? In the same watch? That’s an innovation that only MB&F could come up with.

MB&F – LM Sequential Flyback Caseback

Therefore, as gorgeous as the design is, the MB&F LM Sequential Flyback is arguably the most utility-driven mechanical chronograph ever. You can use it to time practically any situation, from gym sessions to chess matches, lap times to study times and cooking times – the LM Sequential Flyback can do it all, and look good while doing it. And yes, it can tell the time too, thanks to the sub-dial at 6.

Final Thoughts

Encased in precious platinum is this newest MB&F LM Sequential flyback, and rightfully so. Somehow, they never cease to amaze us with their innovative and abstract takes on traditional watchmaking, taking everything we know about horology and turning it on its axis.

MB&F – LM Sequential Flyback Lifestyle photo

From the signature split escapement to the adorable enamel time-only dial, the LM Sequential Flyback screams MB&F both mechanically and aesthetically, and one that I have no doubt will leave even the most seasoned of watch aficionados scratching their heads.



  • Size: 44mm diameter, 18.2mm thickness
  • Case: Platinum
  • Dial: Blue
  • Crystal: Domed Sapphire
  • Water resistance: 30m (3Bar)
  • Movement: Stephen McDonnell’s MB&F manual wind movement with flyback chronograph and Twinverter switch system
  • Movement Frequency: 3Hz (21,600bph)
  • Power reserve: 72h (3 Days)
  • Strap:  Black alligator leather strap with 18k white gold tang buckle

Australian Recommended Retail Price: Upon Request.

Availability: For more information, please head to MB&F.com

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