Lakh’s Rolex Submariner 114060

by Dr Lakh Sangha
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This is my story into the world of Rolex. In my younger years, I had a varied range of Seiko 5, Citizen watches, many handed down to me by my father.

In my early 30s I felt I had achieved some success in life – newly married and became an owner of a small business. I wanted a watch as a sentiment to mark this stage of my life. The choice of brand was easy for me because Rolex had always been a dream. I didn’t have a particular model in mind but I liked the beach, skiing and had even ventured into the diving world so it had to be one that was versatile and robust.

It was January 2014, a few days after my birthday, that I first visited Langford’s in  Brisbane. I had decided then that the Submariner was THE watch for me. 

Back then, pieces were much more available and I was presented with two options: the black sub no date and quite incredibly, the hulk. I laugh now at how impossible that scenario is these days!

It was tough decision, but In the end I had decided on the black Submariner no date. My decision was based on function, personal aesthetics and I liked the clean low-key look of the black. It’s uniform appearance made me feel it was a watch that could go anywhere and go with anything I wore. 

Today with two little boys under 3, it is my go-to daily watch. 

Even though I have added some more Rolex brothers to it when other life goals and achievements were made, the black Submariner will always have a huge sentimental value as it was my very first man’s watch at a time when I was establishing myself the world.

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