TAG Heuer Brings Back The Formula 1 In Collaboration With Kith (Live Pics)

by Matt Clymo

TAG Heuer has brought back the collector classic Formula 1 in 10 different designs, done in collaboration with fashion retailer, Kith.

TAG Heuer collectors have wanted this for a little while now. I’ve seen many a comment online about the wanted re-birth of the TAG Heuer Formula 1, and why not? It’s a collector favourite, and for many people, it was the entry into the world of not only TAG Heuer, but the world of Swiss watches as a whole. And now just in time for the Miami F1 this weekend, the TAG Heuer Formula 1 is back!

The TAG Heuer Kith Formula 1 Collection

Based on the original watch from 1986 – a pivotal piece for TAG Heuer as this was the first watch to sport the TAG part of the name post the acquisition of Heuer, forming TAG Heuer. On top of this, the Formula 1 watch was at the time a little forward-thinking in both designs and bright colours. For 2024, TAG Heuer has released 10 pieces in both a tribute and a re-creation of the originals.

The full steel model with eggshell dial and black Arnite bezel – available at both TAG Heuer and Kith outlets

TAG Heuer, as well as Kith founder, Ronnie Fieg who has loved the TAG Heuer Formula 1 since he was gifted a couple as a kid, wanted these to be faithful as much as they could to the original, so in true TAG Heuer fashion, The original supplier of the case was tracked down along with the very same mold that was used for the pieces made in 1986. That means the identity of the watch is inextricable from the piece collectors fell in love with decades ago. It’s a little watch nerdy, but kind of cool at the same time.

The green variant in black PVD steel and matching green strap – limited to 825 pieces

“The rebirth of the original TAG Heuer Formula 1 watch is something the collector community has been clamouring after for years. One of these collectors was Kith founder Ronnie Fieg, who shared that, like so many others, this was also his first watch when he was younger. It is one of the most meaningful pieces in TAG Heuer’s history. The first to wear the TAG Heuer name, it introduced a generation of collectors to our commitment to making premium timepieces at the intersection of culture and motorsports,”

TAG Heuer CEO, Julien Tornare

Like any good collaboration, both TAG Heuer and Kith have put their own stamp on them – more so from the Kith side. On the dials, you’ll see that the TAG part of the TAG Heuer logo has been replaced with KITH, something that Julien Tornare was happy to do as it speaks to the roots of TAG – Techniques d’Avant Garde and pushing the boundaries. You will also see the words “Just Us” on the dial as well – a nod to Kith and their founder Ronnie.

Just us – Kith and TAG Heuer

Each of the 7 Kith models are made from a new hardened plastic called Arnite, which is a tougher and more durable substance than standard plastics, and across the whole range, rather than the hesalite of old, TAG Heuer has designed these with a proper sapphire crystal. And also gone is the plastic strap, replaced with a modern rubber, more durable and a lot more comfortable than the old versions.

The blue variant in black PVD steel and matching blue strap – limited to 825 pieces

Each piece is very vintage sized coming in at 35mm, with a lug to lug of 40mm and 9.45mm thick. Having played with these a little bit, they are smaller than the conventional pieces these days, but again, vintage inspired from vintage roots and true to the original sizing here. They are also 200m water resistant, so TAG Heuer are not mucking around here – these are true sports watches.

The modern rubber strap and Arnite bezel show the colours of the Formula 1 off so well.

On the back, the words “Kith & Kin” can be seen, along with the limited edition statement, and the back of the steel is also stamped with the KITH HEUER logo and a checkered Kith pattern giving the pieces more of that collaborative feel.

There are 10 versions available of which, 7 are Kith exclusive, based on cities that Kith has stores in – New York (black), Tokyo (red), Toronto (yellow), Miami (white), Hawaai’i (yellow, green and red), Paris (steel with green bezel), and Los Angeles (Steel with Red, white and blue). Each of these are limited to 250 pieces each worldwide, with the two steel versions: Paris and L.A limited to 350 pieces. All are sold by Kith Exclusively.

The seven Kith exclusive pieces

The next 2 versions are TAG Heuer boutique exclusives – the blue and black PVD steel along with the green and black PVD steel. Each of these pieces is limited to 825 each worldwide and sold exclusively via TAG Heuer Boutiques and Online. The last version is the shared model between both TAG Heuer and Kith. It features a full sand-blasted steel case and bracelet with an eggshell dial and black Arnite bezel. This will be limited to 1,350 pieces worldwide through both TAG Heuer and Kith alike.

The three models that will be sold by TAG Heuer here in Australia and around the world

And for those who are superfans of the release, there are 75 full box sets of all 10 models to collect retailing at 18,000 CHF or approximately A$30,000. Not a small amount of change mind you, but for those that are serious collectors, this is sure to be a prize they’re willing to pay for!

The full box set – 18,000 CHF and 75 units are available.

Here is Australia will have access to the Blue & Green TAG Heuer exclusive models as well as the shared full steel piece with Eggshell dial. But with limited numbers, I would suggest we see a limited number of the already limited number, so if you’re hot on one of these pieces, then we would suggest getting into your nearest TAG Heuer boutique quickly. Just note, that only Sydney CBD, Brisbane, Melbourne CBD, and Chadstone boutiques will stock these.

TAG Heuer Sold References: WA121F.BA0023 (Full Steel w/ eggshell dial) / WA121J.BT0012 (Blue) / WA121L.BT0014 (Green)


  • Case: 35mm, 40mm lug-to-lug and thickness of 9.45mm
  • Case: Sandblasted Steel or Sandblasted black PVD steel case with either black, blue or green Arnite bezel
  • Dial: Eggshell (Full Steel) or Black dial with stripe pattern (Green and Blue)
  • Crystal: Flat sapphire crystal
  • Water resistance: 200m (20 Bar)
  • Movement: TAG Heuer Quartz
  • Bracelet/Strap: Sandblasted steel with folding clasp with double safety push-buttons or Green or Blue rubber strap with KITH HEUER branding Arnite pin buckle.

Australian Recommended Retail Price: A$2,200

Availability: TAG Heuer x Kith Full Steel model limited to 1,350 pieces. Blue and Green TAG Heuer exclusive model limited to 825 pieces each. Available from May 6th via TAG Heuer boutiques in Sydney, Melbourne CBD, Chadstone and Brisbane CBD. Enquire online via TAGHeuer.com

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