Hublot Adds Two New Colours To The Big Bang Unico Collection

by Matt Clymo

Hublot has unveiled two new Big Bang Unico models – one in bright orange and another in a military green proving once again, that they’re masters of the coloured ceramic watch!

Coloured ceramic isn’t new in the world of watches, but traditionally, they were black or white as coloured ceramic is traditionally difficult to create. The process is tricky (yes, that’s my technical term). Obtaining a specific colour, being uniform throughout the entire piece and at scale is problematic and Hublot is showcasing they are mastering this skill. Hublot not shying away from firsts released the first bright-coloured ceramic in 2019 when they unveiled a vibrant red model, then again in 2021 when they created a vibrant and bright yellow. For Watches & Wonders 2024, the brand has showcased two new Big Bang Unico models in a 42mm size. One in bright orange and one in a more subtle dark green, reminiscent of a military green.

The new Hublot orange and green polished ceramic Big Bang Unico 42mm models

Both pieces are in the very wearable 42mm size, which if you’ve read our opinion piece on Hublot you’ll be able to see several 42mm Unico models on our wrists and they do fit like a glove! With an all-ceramic case, bezel and black ceramic mid-case and (on the orange) caseback, both pieces are essentially scratch proof not to mention lighter in weight than steel.

“Ceramic is part of Hublot history, but it’s a history that is still being written. We’ve never stopped innovating. It’s in our DNA. From our first ceramic bezel in 2005 to the 100% ceramic cases – which we are currently the only company to master in such a wide array of colours. And that’s just the beginning. We’ve got a lot more to come”

The polished green has a cool lustre and sheen about it like no other

While both these pieces are the same, they’re also very different in their own right, which comes down to the colourways. First up, Bright Orange – it’s not a colour you see every day on a watch, and up ’til now, never in ceramic. In an industry first, Hublot has again proven they’re daring to be different with this launch of the Orange Ceramic Big Bang Unico 42mm. Whilst this won’t be up everyone’s alley, there are only 250 pieces available worldwide so it’s not really for everyone!

Brings a new definition to A Clockwork Orange!

Adding to the whole aesthetic, Hublot has given this piece an orange rubber strap with their patented “One-Click” system to effortlessly change out the strap for another – maybe a nice white rubber or leather? Or a subtle black strap to offset the brightness?

Just “One-Click” and you can swap the straps easily

Alongside the Orange Ceramic, Hublot has designed a military-coloured polished green Big Bang Unico. This piece goes in almost the opposite direction of the Orange, and is a deep dark green – something you could quite easily imagine on Arnie’s wrist should this piece have been around when he filmed Predator. The dark green ceramic, like the orange, is mirror polished meticulously by hand – the only way you can achieve this effect on the hardy material with all its facets, shapes, thickness and holes within it.

It ain’t easy being green – unless you’re Hublot!

Again, this is a limited edition piece, with 250 units available for purchase globally, and whilst not screaming “Look at me!” it will be sure to fly both off the shelf and under the radar for those watch lovers wanting something different on their wrists without attracting too much attention.

Both watches are equipped with Hublot’s in-house manufacture HUB1280 Unico 2 flyback chronograph movement (still one of the best on the market in my opinion) and gives the owner a 72-hour power reserve should you not have it on your wrist for a few days. Normally most brands would say you could take it off your wrist on Friday and put it back on a Monday and it will still be running. But, these are watches perfect for the weekend so why take them off?

Our Thoughts

Our initial reactions to these pieces were somewhat mixed. A new Big Bang Unico isn’t groundbreaking like their new MP-11 Blue Sapphire or the MP-13 Tourbillon Bi-Axis Retrograde Black Carbon, but I’ve always maintained the Big Bang Unico is a solid and oh-so-cool watch, plus it is Hublot through and through, a staple in their stable. But this is Hublot doing what it does best – Playing around with materials. And ceramic is one that Hublot has done extremely well and in this instance, perfection.

Contrasting orange polished and sand-blasted black ceramic makes this dial

With two very different colours to choose from, bright bold orange, or subtle and subdued dark green, these pieces are sure to win Hublot lovers over, and possibly bring some more fans into the fold. The orange is the pic of the two. It’s fun and out there, and just like cars, why own a supercar unless you want to be seen, why get one in black or white when you can stand out from the crowd even more with Orange? Hublot are doing some great things at the moment, and the Big Bang Unico with the flyback chronograph is sublime to use, the straps are robust and comfy with the bonus of the “One-Click” system means these become a bit of a strap monster in their own right.

References: 441.CU.5910.RX – Orange / 441.GX.5210.RX – Green


  • Size: 42mm and 14.5mm thick
  • Case: Polished orange or green Ceramic
  • Dial: Orange or green Skeleton Dial with ceramic numerals, indices and dial rings
  • Movement: HUB1280 UNICO Manufacture Self-winding Chronograph Flyback Movement with Column Wheel
  • Power reserve: 72 hrs
  • Water resistance: 10 bar (100 meters)
  • Crystal: Sapphire with Anti-reflective coating with faceted edges
  • Case back: Sapphire with Anti-reflective Treatment
  • Strap: Black and Orange or Black and Green Structured Lined Rubber Straps with Black Ceramic and Black-plated Titanium Deployant Buckle Clasp

Australian Recommended Retail Pricing: $ 44,100 AUD.

Availability: Limited to 250 pieces each. Available now from Hublot Boutiques or online from

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