Blancpain Releases New Fifty Fathoms References

by Mario C

Welcome to the Family: As part of the lineup’s 70th Anniversary, Blancpain has welcomed a new series of 42mm Fifty Fathoms models.

Admittedly, I am a mixed bag with Blancpain. Their heritage is both storied and epic, as is their dedication to the horological craft, yet I still hold reservations. For a watch brand to be great, versatility is the name of the game. The fact of the matter is, however: If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it.

The 70th Anniversary 42mm Fifty Fathoms

The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms has been a staple of the Blancpain collection for just over seven decades now. Not just content with being the oldest watch company, Blancpain also holds merit for releasing the first dive watch in 1953. With its formidable water resistance, fortified double-sealed crown, efficient self-winding movement, lockable rotating bezel, and reliable anti-magnetism, the Fifty Fathoms established Blancpain’s role in advancing the development of scuba diving and ocean discovery.

The new Titanium Fifty Fathoms with that silky bezel and iconic dial

Since then, Blancpain has not only maintained the lineup but refined it, permitting it to command roles outside of its original designation. Amidst the prevailing modern trend of sporty and versatile watchmaking, this has allowed the Fifty Fathoms to take on all comers – from the beach to the boardroom, so to speak.

Titanium and Black dial collection

Following 2023’s Fifty Fathoms 70th Anniversary Act 1 Limited Edition, Blancpain seeks to continue the refinement of their horological darling with models in both red gold and titanium. As evidenced, everything you know and love about the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms is still there – from the contrasting dark blue/black dials with lumed indexes to the more compact 42mm case. Now, this familiar silhouette is also accompanied by the presence of the two aforementioned metals.

Titanium and blue dial collection

For those looking for a dressier, more audacious look, the red gold case is the one for you. For others with a sportier edge in mind, the grade 23 titanium – prized for its strength and low weight, particularly in the medical sector – is more than happy to accommodate. This is complete not only with a sapphire crystal and case back but also a sapphire-topped bezel, with Blancpain refusing to compromise on legibility for durability.

The Fifty Fathoms in Red Gold – more audacious and a great combo with the strap

One part that I like about the collection is Blancpain’s generous offering of strap options for each timepiece. I’m becoming a little bit of a strap fiend, so the prospect of having three different strap options (four, if you count the titanium bracelet for the titanium models) for all references is extremely appealing to me. Having not been able to handle these Fifty Fathoms models before, however, I am curious about how the drilled lugs function.

Multiple straps to suit your style on the Red Gold variant

The screws that hold the strap in place are unlike any other that I have seen, so I assume that the timepiece will come with an associated tool to swap them around? If not, that would be a shame, but I’m certain that Blancpain would be open to the idea if they aren’t already. Say what you will about the design, though – personally, I like it! And if last year’s gargantuan drop that was Swatch’s Scuba Fifty Fathoms has anything to say, I reckon that the vast majority of watch fans out there love the design too.

The side profile with the lugs and screws to hold in the straps

Powering the Fifty Fathoms Automatique lineup since 2007 is the mighty Cal. 1315. Designed, crafted, produced, assembled, and meticulously adjusted in-house, this automatic 120-hour power reserve movement stands as a testament to Blancpain’s enduring nature. Just because it’s enduring, however, doesn’t mean it can’t be elegant. An 18k red gold rotor, decorated and finished with NAC coating, not only enhances the movement’s aesthetics but also pays homage to the iconic 1953 model. All this beauty is visible through the case back – a strange feature on a diver’s watch, sure, but as I said before the Fifty Fathoms is for all comers. Whether you are a stringent dive watch aficionado or simply a lover of shiny, bold timepieces, there’s a Fifty Fathoms for that.

Final Thoughts

Celebrating its 70th Anniversary, the Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms series continues to captivate. Following in the footsteps of the First Act, these latest models come in the 42mm case, adding variety by encasing the iconic silhouette in both red gold and titanium. With meticulous attention to detail, including diverse strap options and a powerful Cal. 1315 movement, these timepieces embody versatility, evolving from their historic roots and seamlessly transitioning from formal to sporty settings.

So as reserved as I am about Blancpain, I have to give them credit for maintaining the popularity of the Fifty Fathoms collection for so long. Its enduring presence denotes that it has not only survived but adapted and thrived within every single era it has seen. In the horological world, experience tends to outrank everything, and the Fifty Fathoms has seventy years of it – and may stick around for seventy more.


  • Titanium Blue (5010 12B40 O64B, 5010 12B40 NAOA, 5010 12B40 O52B, 5010 12B40 98S)
  • Titanium Black(5010 12B30 B64B, 5010 12B30 NABA, 5010 12B30 B52B, 5010 12B30 98S)
  • Red Gold Black (5010 36B30 B64B, 5010 36B30 NABA, 5010 36B30 B52B)
  • Red Gold Blue (5010 36B40 O64B, 5010 36B40 NAOA, 5010 36B40 O52B)


  • Case Size: 42.3 mm diameter, 14.3 mm thickness
  • Case Material: Grade 23 titanium (Titanium Blue/Titanium Black), 18k red gold (Red Gold Black/Red Gold Blue)
  • Movement: In-house automatic Calibre 1315, beating at 4Hz/28,800bph
  • Power Reserve: 120h/5 days
  • Water Resistance: 300m (30bar)
  • Crystal: Sapphire bezel and case back
  • Strap: Colour-matching NATO, rubber, and sail canvas straps with titanium/18k red gold folding clasp (All), titanium bracelet (Titanium Blue/Titanium Black)

Australian Recommended Retail Prices:

  • AU$26,500 – NATO on titanium
  • AUD$29,300 – Rubber/Sail canvas on titanium
  • AUD$30,800 – Titanium bracelet
  • AUD$49,300 – NATO on red gold
  • AUD$54,700 – Rubber/Sail canvas on red gold

Availability: Available now through Blancpain Boutiques, authorised retailers, or online at

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