Glashütte Original Embraces Modernity with the Serenade Luna

by Mario C

A modern wristwatch for the modern woman, Glashütte Original has cultivated a new timepiece for current and emerging female watch enthusiasts. But how does it set itself apart from the rest of the crowd?

A brand often criminally underrated, Glashütte Original is not one to shy away from providing timepieces at a nigh-all unbeatable price point, especially considering the quality they consistently deliver. Expanding their burgeoning Ladies’ collection alongside the likes of the Lady Serenade, Pavonina, and the stunning Panomatic Luna, the new Serenade Luna looks to bring the elegant moon phase complication to the Serenade collection, adding an understated yet elegant flair.

Glashütte Original Serenade Luna steel variants on leather

The biggest danger for ladies’ watches, in my humble opinion, is overcrowding – it can be very easy for a ladies watch to blend into others, with each model in each brand feeling eerily similar to the last. Glashütte Original is aware of this, however, and using their nearly 180 years of experience have designed the Serenade Luna with the cosmopolitan woman in mind, inspired by the “multifaceted woman of today… [that] effortlessly commands attention upon entering a room.” These four new references, each at a delicate 32.5mm, have four different personalities, but share one unifying characteristic: The signature Glashütte Original craftsmanship of a wristwatch, blending seamlessly with the character of fine jewelry.

Glashütte Original Serenade Luna steel variants on stainless steel

The Glashütte Original Serenade Luna series comes in three stainless steel references and one 18k red gold reference, all containing shimmering diamond indexes, a moonstone cabochon on the crown, as well as a modern take on the moonphase complication. Two of the stainless steel models are accompanied by a mother-of-pearl dial, with the third coming in a sunray brushed blue dial.

The stunning Red Gold with green sunburst dial and diamonds

Whilst the first mother-of-pearl and the sunray blue references both opt for a minimalist look, the other mother-of-pearl reference indulges in extravagance, adding diamonds to the bezel as well as the crown. However, the fourth model is a considerable focal point, not only having been outfitted in red gold but also a similar diamond treatment on the bezel and crown, giving it a considerable panache, but saved from the realm of tackiness by its elegant and restrained golden green dial. In a move that all watch enthusiasts surely appreciate, all models also come with a colour-coordinated, quick-change alligator strap, with the stainless steel references getting an additional metal bracelet option.

Having quick-change spring bars makes it easy to swap out straps or the steel bracelet

If it were me, I love the minimalism of the first two references, but of course, as a man, it’s not my opinion that Glashütte Original is looking for. As a litmus test, I showed all four to my non-watch girlfriend, who was immediately enamoured by the red gold rendition. If only I had my chronograph that day, I would’ve been able to time how quickly she made her choice – although I don’t think any stopwatch can time something that fast.

As stated before, though, the beauty of this new Glashütte Original release not only exists on the outside but also throughout. Powered by the Cal. 35-14 movement, the Serenade Luna series is equipped with the aforementioned moonphase complication, a 4Hz/28,800bph beat rate and a 60 hour power reserve – considerable for such a small package.

The main highlight of the movement is not the gorgeous detailing as seen through the case back but the moonphase that can be seen at the front of it, as within the delicately outlined round opening at 6 o’clock, an iridescent mother-of-pearl moon is seen against a backdrop of a night sky twinkling with stars.

The MOP Dial moonphase indicator with a backdrop of a night sky twinkling with stars!

It’s pretty remarkable to see a complication as challenging as the moonphase be integrated into such a small and thin figure – the Serenade Luna stands at a scant 8.9mm thick – but as always Glashütte Original are up to the challenge. They not only ensure the movement functions with the complication, but they build about 95% of the movement from scratch within their Manufacture. Sam wrote up this great article about a year ago explaining the functions of a moonphase watch and the history of why it exists, but the Reader’s Digest of it is that it allows the wearer to track the phases of the moon from their wrist.  It’s a beautiful and elegant complication, though admittedly not too useful, as my mother indicated to me when I gifted her a moonphase watch for her birthday.

Final Thoughts

The Glashütte Original Serenade Luna series emerges as a beacon of elegance and modernity in the realm of women’s timepieces. Each of the four references offers unique, feminine personalities whilst staying true to the craftsmanship fans of the brand have come to expect.

From understated nature to opulent charm it’s evident that every detail has not just been added but purposefully curated by Glashütte Original to evoke awe and inspiration for both the wearer and the aspirational enthusiast – as evidenced by my girlfriend’s reaction – and will no doubt be able to accentuate the power of the cosmopolitan woman. In essence, the Serenade Luna series is exemplary of Glashütte Original’s unwavering commitment to excellence in all forms and markets – all without the egregious price point.


  • Stainless Steel with Blue Dial: 1-35-14-03-02-04 on leather / 1-35-14-03-02-14 on bracelet 
  • Stainless Steel With Mother of Pearl Dial & Diamond Bezel: 1-35-14-02-12-04 on leather / 1-35-14-02-12-14 on bracelet
  • Stainless Steel With Mother of Pearl Dial: 1-35-14-02-02-04 on leather / 1-35-14-02-02-14 on bracelet
  • Red Gold with Diamond Bezel: 1-35-14-05-15-04 on leather


  • Case: 32.5mm x 8.9mm Thickness
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dial: In either Sunray Brushed Blue, White Mother of Peral with White Gold Indexes or Sunray Brushed Green-Gold with Red Gold Indexes. All with 20 brilliant-cut diamonds and Mother-of-Pearl Moonphase
  • Hands: White Gold Lance (Hours/Minutes), Rhodium Plated (Seconds)
  • Crystal: Sapphire Crystal with Anti-Reflective Treatment
  • Water resistance: 30m (3 Bar)
  • Movement: Automatic Cal. 35-14
  • Movement Frequency: 4Hz (28,800bph)
  • Power reserve: Approx 60 hours
  • Bracelet: Alligator Leather with Stainless Steel Folding Clasp/Stainless Steel Bracelet or Red Gold Folding Clasp

Australian Recommended Retail Pricing:

  • Stainless Steel with Blue Dial – A$16,300 (Leather Strap) / A$18,100 (Steel Bracelet) 
  • Stainless Steel With Mother of Pearl Dial & Diamond Bezel – A$22,300 (Leather Strap) / D$24,100 (Steel Bracelet)
  • Stainless Steel With Mother of Pearl Dial – A$17,000 (Leather Strap) / A$18,800 (Steel Bracelet)
  • Red Gold with Diamond Bezel – A$35,750

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