BOVET Unveiling Their First Boutique In Australia

by Chamath Gamage

Last month saw a first for Bovet, the official opening of their brand new boutique in Australia, in partnership with S&S Group.

Australia is making its presence known in the watch world, as a few weeks ago, BOVET unveiled its first boutique in the land down under. This new boutique opening has been done in partnership with luxury house S&S Group, a wholly-owned conglomerate of companies that operate in the (ultra) Luxury, Automotive, Arts and Fashion industries. This new boutique is located on Collins Street, the central business district of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

BOVET Castle in Switzerland

The new boutique is almost 50 square meters in size and has been designed to present the House of BOVET in its unique environment, almost as if when you are walking through the doors, you are entering the BOVET Castle in Switzerland. The boutique will also house the complete collection of BOVET timepieces, something collectors and watch aficionados will be pleased to see.

Bovet Boutique, Collins St Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

“The collectors in Australia are very dear to us and we are pleased to be working with S&S Group here, who is also our boutique partner in Vietnam. We have a great partnership and the boutique is located in the prime location in Melbourne. We are looking forward to continuing our great relationship with collectors Down Under and having a flagship boutique here is so important.

We will be holding many events in Melbourne and the collection the boutique has is fantastic. At BOVET, we handcraft more than 95% of all the components that go into our timepieces in our facilities, and as a result, they are pieces of art that tell time. S&S Group understand this and is perfectly positioned to share the unique BOVET approach with collectors in Australia.”

Mr. Pascal Raffy, owner, BOVET.
Outside view of the new BOVET boutique.

The Bovet Boutique is part of “The Block Arcade” precinct, which was built between 1890 and 1893. The Block Arcade is ranked highly as one of the most popular tourist attractions in Melbourne. It’s considered one of the finest shopping arcades from the Victorian era, with the architecture of the arcade being inspired by the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan. With Bovet’s rich history and heritage, the location of this boutique is perfectly suited to match its surrounding aesthetics.

Inside the BOVET boutique, showing the simplistic design of elegance and luxury.

The inside of the boutique has a minimalistic appearance that exudes elegance and luxury. The combination of a cream colour and wooden panels on both the walls and floor contrast well to create an elegant aesthetic finish. The “wooden” finish is also displayed through the tables, chairs and wall hangings, further enhancing the vintage-inspired look of the boutique, pointing the customers and clientele to BOVET’s rich and deep history. The blue colour used for the back walls and chairs adds that touch of colour to grab the attention of entrants and passersby.

“The luxury watch market in Australia has been steadily evolving, reflecting the country’s appreciation for artistry and precision in watchmaking. We are excited to be a part of this evolution and look forward to providing our guests in Melbourne with a unique and unforgettable experience.

This boutique is the first step in developing the House of BOVET in Australia and both BOVET and S&S Group are committed to being a part of the future of fine timepieces in the country. At S&S, we firmly believe in doing things with passion and a forward-looking approach. Our Melbourne boutique will not just be a place where time is measured, but where it is celebrated.”

Sam Vu, CEO, S&S Group
Bovet Boutique, Collins St Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

The real works of craftsmanship and art in the boutique will, of course, be the timepieces, some of which will leave you jaw-dropping. If you are a local or visiting Melbourne, don’t miss out on the chance to see some of the finest creations in the world of horology.

Boutique Contact Info:
Tel: 039 639 4616
Email: [email protected]
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 10:00 to 18:00

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