What Makes Bremont Tick – An Interview With Bremont Boutique Manager, Peter Silk

by Matt Clymo

We sat down with Peter Silk, Manager of Bremont’s new Melbourne Boutique for a personal chat on what makes the brand tick.

Bremont is a brand with history, and yes, it’s only 20 years old or so, but in that time, both Giles and Nick English, founders of Bremont have been able to create a company that has strong ties with the military and the British Ministry of Defence, and with their partnership with Martin-Baker, the leading ejection seat manufacturer and supplier for the world’s air forces, design a watch coveted by Pilots around the globe.

We sat down with Bremont’s Melbourne Boutique Manager, Peter Silk who’s been with the brand for over 4 years, and prior to him joining Bremont, has worked in the watch retail industry for over 10 years. He is a true watch lover at heart, and when you talk to him about watches in general, let alone Bremont, you can see this enthusiasm come through.

His love and knowledge of Bremont is probably second only to the brand’s founders, and as such we thought was the perfect person to talk to about the brand here in Australia. We had just toured the new boutique with him (which you can see here), before we sat down for a chat and here’s what he had to say.

We recorded this video back in July, and since then, Kristin Harila set the record for summiting the world 14 highest peaks, doing it in just 3 months, 17 hours and 45 minutes, breaking Nim’s record by 4 months. It’s an incredible achievement, and showcases the pioneering spirit Bremont has and wants to be known for.

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