5 Purple Dial Watches Under $5000. A Rare And Beautiful Dial Colour Choice.

by Sameera Gamage

Over the past few years, colour dials are becoming more and more popular in the watch industry. Ranging from the Tiffany blue trend, pastel colours to salmon-coloured dials, watch manufacturers certainly haven’t shied away from adding bright and vivid colours to their watch collections.

While your standard black, white/silver and blue coloured dials are still the go-to colours due to being tried and tested, while also fitting a range of attires and functions, coloured dials are only getting popular. People are also drawn to certain colours due to their personality and also what draws their individual attention.

One of the few colours that has been getting far less attention than the others, however, is purple. This is intriguing as purple looks quite stunning on timepieces, especially with added sunburst finishing effects. Is it that the colour purple may be too feminine for males to consider it an option, or is it simply just not being presented enough by the brands themselves? With this being said, however, brands do still produce the odd purple-dialled timepiece, with prices for these ranging from $500 all the way to well over $100,000k.

It should be noted that most brands do tend to release purple dials as special edition timepieces, due to the nature of purple being a very rare colour in the watch industry. This rarity can be seen in a positive light too, for if you were to own a purple dial watch, it would be a unique piece and be a great conversation starter! With this in mind, in this article, we will be presenting 5 purple dials priced under $5000.

Sartory Billard – SB04 Purple With Breguet Numbers

The SB04 Purple by Statory Billard is a great purple dial to start off this list. It’s not too dark or too light and gives just the right tones to not only stand out beautifully but also make the hour indices and hands stand out too.
The watch comes with an automatic movement enclosed in a 40mm stainless steel case (titanium option available too). This timepiece is a special order, with the base price starting at $4,920.00 AUD. If you want to see more of this piece, click here.
Australian Recommended Retail Pricing: $4,920.00

Louis Erard – Excellence Petite Seconde Voilette

Sophisticated yet elegant, the Excellence Petite Seconde Voilette by Louis Erard ticks all the boxes for a great look purple dial timepiece. The watch even comes with a matching purple leather strap. What makes this timepiece stand out is the colour tone variation on the dial.
Formed in three circular “rings”, the outer circle where the minute track lies are standard purple. The second ring where the hour indices lie has a sunburst finish and the center circle has the same finish as the outer circle. The second indicator at 6 o’clock also comes with a sunburst finish. The Louis Erard Excellence Petite Seconde can be purchased through the brand’s e-commerce here.
Australian Recommended Retail Pricing: $3,735.68

Seiko King Seiko (SPB291J)

One of the lighter purple-coloured dials in this list is the King Seiko (SPB291J). This simple three-hander model from Seiko features a Mauve purple-coloured dial. The gradient dial starts off with being more white in the centre which gradually becomes more purple as it gets towards the edges of the dial.
This 37mm stainless steel model comes with Seiko’s excellent 6R31 movement which puts out an impressive power reserve of 70 hours. The model can be purchased in-person only through Seiko boutiques, however, can be purchased online through the brand’s e-commerce site here.
Australian Recommended Retail Pricing: $2,900

anOrdain Fabrik Model 1 GMT

Based in Glasgow, anOrdain is a Scottish watchmaker that specialises in enamel dials. In fact, they are only one of the few brands that do all enamel dials in-house. The Fabrik Model 1 GMT is not enamel finish due to the various dial finishes and inscriptions, however, it does come with a hand GMT function.
The Fabrik Model 1 GMT comes with a sunken inner dial with concentric grooves with the outer dial being a sun-brushed finish, creating a beautiful contrast between the two finishes. The watch can be purchased from the brand’s e-commerce here.
Australian Recommended Retail Pricing: $2,783.87

Christopher Ward – The Twelve (Ti)

This Christopher Ward timepiece is yet to be released, with the release date set to be early November 2023. The timepiece will surely be a hot take upon its release thanks to that stunning nebula purple dial. The dial also features the pyramid pattern that is shown on the brand’s other Twelve timepieces.
The dial is not the only stand-out feature of this timepiece. The integrated bracelet design along with the grade II titanium case are a few of the other impressive details about this timepiece. Sitting at approximately $2,650.00 (Aud) this timepiece can be pre-ordered from the brand’s e-commerce site (here).
Australian Recommended Retail Pricing: $2,650.00

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