Cartier Re-Opens New Look Brisbane Boutique In Style!

by Matt Clymo

A violin duo, signature cocktails, canapes and good company we all on offer as Cartier re-opens their Brisbane Boutique in style!

Mid week events are always good to go to, and whenever I get invited to one, it’s always nice to break up the week. However, when the invite to attend the grand re-opening of the Cartier Boutique in Brisbane landed in my inbox, lets just say I RSVP’d immediately! Cartier is probably one of the most well known luxury brands in the world, and they also make some great timepieces, like the classic Tank or the Santos. With a newly renovated boutique in their new style, and having toured their new flagship store in Sydney, I had to head along to check it out.

Cartier are overhauling their look. Gone are the darker, dimmer stores with swathes of plush red furniture. Their new design style in their boutiques is contemporary, fresh, bright and references to Panthére are all around. For those unfamiliar with Panthére, then you can watch this short video below on just how the Panther became a style symbol for Cartier.

Cartier are embracing the local flora and fauna as well as elements of both the country and cities their boutiques are in, and infusing this with each boutique’s decor, style and art. You can see this in the Brisbane Boutique’s mural on the wall on the ground floor, and then through the boutique, style elements like the quartz crystal lights and chandelier sourced from The Northern Territory.

Second floor of the Cartier Brisbane Boutique and the quartz chandelier as a centre-piece.

The grand re-opening of Cartier Brisbane was a chance for Cartier to show off the new Boutique as well as their warm hospitality to selected guests, VIP clients and friends of the brand. And they delivered! The iconic Cartier Bellhops in Red greeted you as you walked in, and no sooner as we had our names checked off, one of the hosts for the night was saying hello, and making sure you felt welcome!

Classic Cartier service!

Champagne and cocktails were on offer, and Cartier pulling out all the stops had their own signature cocktail , complete with a logo etched ice cube topped with gold leaf. Lets say I didn’t just have one!

Cartier logo etched ice cube with gold leaf – I’ll take 2 please!

Whilst the guests mingled and staff circulated to make sure you’re always comfortable and felt at home, a violin duo played in the background with classical re-interpretations of modern songs. This provided the perfect backdrop fusing the old world charm with modernity, not to mention a more upbeat, yet chilled vibe to their mid week soirée.

Guest were entertained all night with classical stylings of modern songs

Once the guests were ushered upstairs, we were able to see the full extent of the new look boutique, with private viewing rooms, lounge areas and space to make clients feel less like they are shopping, and more like they are being taken on an experience and journey – albeit to buy something. But this is what luxury should be about – the experience and the way it makes you feel, not just the products themselves.

Guest didn’t walk away empty handed either. Whilst it would have been nice to get a gift bag with some Cartier jewellery or maybe a small Tank in it, (one can hope!) Cartier went the more personal route. Guests were able to have one of Cartier’s artists do a small initialled picture, painted in gold with the iconic Panthére in the foreground, and the Brisbane skyline in the background, which means you have a nice story to tell whenever anyone sees and asks about it. Well done Cartier!

Cartier artist about to personalise the guest’s artwork with the stylised Brisbane skyline and iconic Panther in the foreground

As the night wrapped up, I had to admit that this was one of the more personal and thought through events I’ve been to in recent times. All the staff were super friendly, and always willing to help and even just throw you a big smile as you walked past.

The food was superb and the cocktails we’re maybe a little too good (hard to have just one!) and the Violin duo created the atmosphere and vibe that many people I spoke to positively commented on. I had to agree here too, all the elements put together worked and made for a great evening and you left with a smile on your face saying to yourself, “That was a great event and a fun night!”

Make sure you have a look at more photo’s from the night below, and if you’re wanting to check out the newly renovated boutique, then head into Cartier at 172 Edward Street, Brisbane City. You won’t be disappointed! For more information, head to

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