Roger Dubuis Knights of the Round Table Monotourbillon/X

by Chamath Gamage

A release that’s going to have the watch industry talking in amazement, this release by Roger Dubuis is the ultimate expression of visual mastery on a watch dial.  Much like Ulysse Nardin’s Freak S model that re-invents the game with its technical prowess, this latest edition by Roger Dubuis arguably has the most aesthetic dial out of all the releases in Watches & Wonders 2022. A big call to make, but once you see this timepiece there’s no mistaking that it’s a visual masterpiece. 

Roger Dubuis has just unveiled the latest edition of their Knights of the Round Table collection, the groundbreaking Knights of the Round Table Monotourbillon/X. Hyper Horology at its finest, each new edition of the Knights of the Round Table collection has a different re-interpretation of the knights and their tale. Much like the other models in the collection, the engineers and designers at Roger Dubuis have once again got together to combine artistic mastery, horological craftsmanship, and contemporary design. For the first time in this iconic collection, the knights of King Arthur will be taking on a different beast, the force of gravity with a hidden device; the Monotourbillon. 

This is the 8th edition of the Knights of the Round collection, and it had to be quite special. The late Mr Roger Dubuis’s lucky number was 8, so the brand went all out to not only create a jaw-dropping timepiece but to re-invent the future of Hyper Horology as well. 


The round table is as iconic to the tale of King Arthur as it is to Roger Dubuis Knights of the Round collection. One of the challenges of this timepiece was creating a new design that kept this feature intact. The designers were up to the task as they made the Monotourbillon the centrepiece. Then appearing like a table, the designers have portrayed a three-dimensional illusion of the gravitational pull, which also acts as a shield to protect the Monotourbillon against the knights. This gravitational pull is shown through translucent purple blocks made from Murano glass. The 12 knights stand side by side as they prepare to tackle this invisible enemy together. 

This beautiful expression of Hyper Horology is encased in a 45mm Pink Gold 750/1000 case, which is sealed by a notched bezel. The heroic knights are cast in Pink Gold 750/1000 as well. Each of the knights has been crafted individually through micro-sculpting. The knights are small enough to fit where each hour indices lay but big enough so that every single miniature detail can be seen. The knights stand at just 6mm tall, with each hero sculpted with their personality and armour. Each knight features a pose either in defence or ready to attack the unknown beast that lays ahead. 

The watch doesn’t feature any hour or minute hands as this is where the Monotourbillon is located. Also having the hands will obstruct the view of this incredibly impressive dial. Instead, the hands have been fully integrated into the circular design. Two gold markers were chosen to indicate the position of the minute and hour with two rotating discs that are perfectly centred. 

The outer part of the dial (sitting behind the knights) is made from a single block of purple Murano glass. A total of eight layers of the decor was used to feature the knights, the hour and minute mechanism, the outer flange, and also the different heights of the Murano glass for the gravitational pull effect. Considering how much area was available to pull this off makes this very impressive. 

Roger Dubuis for this timepiece has been given the Poinçon de Genève, which is one of the most exclusive stamps of certification in modern watchmaking. This is well deserved as the Knights of the Round Table Monotourbillon/X truly is a masterpiece of design, technicality, and evoking emotion. A watch that Roger Dubuis will no doubt want to be the main attraction for their Watches & Wonders 2022 exhibit, the Knights of the Round Table Monotourbillon/X is the pinnacle of their artistic design combined with one of the signature complications. 

Reference: MTXEX1025

Australian Recommended Retail Price: $830,000.00 AUD

Availability: Enquire from April 2022

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