URWERK UR-100V Full Titanium Jacket

by Sameera Gamage

Last month, URWERK released the latest model for the UR-100V collection, a limited edition UR-100V Full Titanium Jacket. The UR-100V Full Titanium Jacket is as the name suggests, a single-colour version featuring different shades of grey, from Payne grey to lead grey. Another new feature for this model is the enhanced custom-designed metal bracelet. 

Co-founder of URWERK, Martin Frei, states in regards to this new piece that “with the UR-100V Full Titanium Jacket, I am once again fulfilling a dream of mine. From my first sketches for URWERK until the present day, I have always envisioned and designed our creations on a metal bracelet. The latter is an extension of the watch around the wrist and in my mind, it complements the design perfectly. I like the fact that the material – in this instance titanium – is quite cold when you put it on your wrist. It warms up slowly on contact, acclimatising to you and gently embracing your skin. This extremely light bracelet also makes a special sound when you play with its links. It feels good. It is beautiful. To me, this watch is a real success and I am happy to see it come to life for real”.


The URWERK UR-100V Full Titanium Jacket features a 41mm x 49.7mm titanium case along with a colour matched crown. The bracelet is unique to this model as it is composed of 32 sandblasted titanium links that make sure the aesthetics of the watch are balanced and matching. The design and look of the URWERK UR-100V Full Titanium Jacket is a nod to URWERK’s past creations, in particular the first models where the brand has adopted their stylistic features. 

The sapphire crystal dome that’s presented on the URWERK UR-100V Full Titanium Jacket took inspiration from the steel domes of the first models. As per the original creations, the case of the URWERK UR-100V Full Titanium Jacket plays with different proportions and lines of symmetry to highlight the case and make it stand out. 

Master-watchmaker and URWERK co-founder says in regards to the construction of this watch that “our goal was to make the most comfortable watch to wear. The UR-100V Full Titanium Jacket is a perfectly ergonomic watch. Its bracelet is ultra-light and incredibly soft against the skin. It’s a bracelet synonymous with pleasure”.

The dial is where all the fun is of course. The iconic satellite configuration shows the wandering hours and minutes. URWERK has designed the telling of time on this piece in relation to the distance travelled from the equator and also through space. The brand states that “when the minute’s hand has completed its 60-minute journey, it reappears on a 20-minute scale of 555 kilometres. This is the distance you travel in 20 minutes if you are standing on the equator of our rotating planet. The opposite scale tracks your journey through space around the sun: 35,740km every 20 minutes. 


The movement inside the URWERK UR-100V Full Titanium Jacket is the brand’s new calibre 12.02. This calibre 12.02 drives the carousel which is the wandering hours and minutes on the three “satellites” shown on the dial. The Calibre 12.02 movement operates at a frequency of 28,800 VpH (4Hz) and can power the watch for up to 48 hours. 

Final thoughts:

The URWERK UR-100 has always been a special piece and certainly one that piques interest when worn. With previous iterations of the model being offered in rubber or leather straps, the URWERK UR-100V Full Titanium Jacket finally gets a sturdy bracelet treatment. Not only does the bracelet make the watch feel more robust but is also comfortable to wear. With the full construction of the model being titanium, it gives the wearer more versatility in where and what they can wear it too. The URWERK UR-100V Full Titanium Jacket is the much-needed model in what is already quite an amazing UR-100 collection. 

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